Gay marriage allowed in Church of England

Just seen the news and apparently the queen has given the approval for same sex marriages to go ahead by 2015…meaning the Church of England will be performing same sex marriage…

The UK has gone mad…

Such a shame that the Church of England feels the need to change with the times and succumb to cultural pressure, but then I suppose that’s what you get when the head of it is a human being! :eek:

UGH another one of these threads.

I’m sorry you feel the way you feel. :frowning:

You need to read the news more carefully.

  1. Civil same-sex marriage will be allowed in England and Wales from 29 March 2014.

  2. The law specifically prevents the Church of England performing any same-sex marriages.

  3. Other religious bodies may, if they wish, perform such ceremonies but cannot be forced to do so.


Well channel 5 mentioned 2015, Church of England and the queen…

Which is technically listening to not reading…

I knew that when they first started talking about it they said that religious bodies couldn’t be forced but the queen is the head of the church of England and has OKd it, plus there are lots if articles stating that the church isn’t necessarily going to fight against it, plus channel 5 definitely just mentioned it.

Just because gay ‘weddings’ will be allowed in GB does not imply that the Church of England will do them.

It may just mean they “GW” are legal in the state with no church involment.

Well that’s what the original plan was supposed to be as the above poster so kindly pointed out, but channel 5 just said differently :shrug:


I have wondered that…polygamy is still very much looked down on in the UK, but they say love whether gay or straight is the same so why can’t it be, love while polygamous, gay or straight is the same!

It’s double standards…the time will come!

I just recently read an article that said that the Church of England will convene to discuss the possibility of performing same sex “marraiges”.

We should all be sounding the cry, “ANGLICANS COME HOME!”

Its actually one of the reasons Ann widdecombe converted (I really do love that woman) she get fed up of the Church of England succumbing to pressure!

They have talked about this kind of thing before and BXVI issued that cry, and a special way to do it I believe. Someone help me out here, but I think an Anglican /Episcopal Church can convert through some sort of Papal dispensation or decree to Catholicism all in one fell swoop. There is fine print involved in this but as long as most of the clergy and most of the parish is on board, then it will happen for that particular Church.

This upset the Archbishop of Canterbury quite a bit. Here is one source. I did not read the whole thing, I have a horrible cold, but here it is:

[PS: I think the tone of the article is a bit disrespectful, fyi.]
[PPS: This is just one article of many]

Most of us knew that the Church of England would cave in as it is a State Church and therefore, cannot stand or work against the British government. How its political secular policies will be accepted outside the UK is a mystery to me. The latest news story I found is at

What continues to worry me is that they are destroying other Christian churches and their own faithful in the process. I am not sure that there will be a surge of converts to Catholicism as my experience generally is that there has been little change in the anti-Catholic teachings since Henry 8th. This leaves a lot of people in a sad spiritual crises and whilst some other churches may benefit, they tend to be insular groups without a voice and of no interest to the media. The real beneficiaries will be the Muslims who will use it to lure people away from Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Bible. It is a very sad time for all Christians throughout the world.

Reference the article about Anglican communities joining the Catholic Church, it has happened and they maintain a distinct religious identity and spiritual heritage within the Catholic Church (whether they want to or not) and are known as the ordinariate. I understand that it is a slow and gentle process. I could see this being very difficult for Anglicans whose way of life has been validated by the Church of England but not by the Catholic or other Christian churches.

As others have pointed out - this thread is simply wrong. The Church of England is forbidden from conducting gay marriage.

"because the Church of England and Wales have explicitly stated that they do not wish to conduct same-sex marriages the legislation makes it illegal for the Churches of England and Wales to marry same-sex couples. This provision recognises and protects the unique and Established nature of these churches. The church’s canon law will also continue to ban the marriage of same-sex couples. Therefore, even if these institutions wanted to conduct same sex marriage, it would require a change to primary legislation at a later date and a change to canon law. Additional protection that cannot be breached.

The Canons of the Church of England define marriage, in accordance with Christ’s teaching and the doctrine of the Church, as being between a man and a woman. Because the Canon Law of the Church of England is also part of the public law of the land and cannot be in conflict with statute law, it is important that any legislation for same-sex marriage makes it clear that it does not apply to marriage according to the rites of the Church of England."*

The only religions that have said they wish to “opt in” are the unitarians, and liberal jewish faiths.

So why are the church even considering the idea if its been banned? The thread isn’t wrong, I stated what channel 5 said and have posted it for people’s thoughts.

I’ll be watching this one closely… :popcorn:

Apart from the fact that Channel 5 is never worth watching… You obviously weren’t paying attention. They are forbidden from conducting gay weddings, the discussion is about whether they should be in a position to give same-sex blessings which are also forbidden by Canon Law in the CofE at present.

I really don’t like it when people assume things…just like the first poster assumed I’d misread something yet he was the one to misread that I had said seen news not read newspaper. :rolleyes:

There are plenty of articles on the Internet talking about the churches plans to consider gay marriages…whether you want to pay any attention to them or go read them is entirely upto you.

Plus you have the problem that the queen as head of the Church of England has declared her blessing (whether this is a mere formality or not is not the point).

The problem, as previously stated, is that the Church of England is The State. HM Elizabeth II is Defender of the Faith. And since The State has said that marriage is a covenant between two adults, who are not related, gender is irrelevant, then it must follow logically that The State as The Church must follow. You all know and I know that the homosexualist activists will press the issue for The Church of The State to conduct marriages in accordance with The Laws of The State.

It remains to be seen…

You seem to be one of those people that doesn’t like the facts to get in the way of a good story!

I repeat that the legislation makes it illegal for the Church of England to conduct gay weddings:

If churches wish to perform them they have to opt-in but the CofE does not have that choice. The current discussion is about whether or not blessings should take place, not weddings.

The Queen is not head of the Church of England - she is the supreme govenor, but this is irrelevant as she has to give royal assent as monarch to legislation enacted in parliament, and the legislation which allows same sex weddings - in the same way that it already exisits in the Catholic countries of Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Argentina, some provinces in Mexico, and some states in the US! - cannot force a church to perform them.

Interesting point…

The Londoners here seem to like to shoot the messenger…

It will be interesting to see how long this supposed ban stays in place, bans can be lifted…not long ago gays weren’t allowed to get married, then it went to civil partnership and now to civil marriage…it will only be a matter of time before the church is ale to hold gay marriages the same way they now have women vicars, allow divorcees to marry etc (all this while normal now, once upon a time was different)

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