Gay marriage and cvil rights

I have heard it argued that one can not change their race, color, nationality, and sex. But Civil rights also protects religion, that can change. I am proof as a convert to the faith. I know that the gay lobby argues that “they are born this way” We all know it is a choice much like religion. They certainly have the zeal of a group of religious fanatics. Indeed their style of “worship” is noted in history and the bible. At what point in a free society is “the law” to pick and chose what religion is right or wrong. Now I must say I do not agree with the Gay lobby, in fact I am against it. I follow the teachings of the Church as best I can. I am simply trying to gain a better understanding on this. Mostly because I work in a bridal market and don’t want my faith to bit the hand that feeds me so to speak. It is hard to travel in the sea set before us. Peace and long life.

I don’t think the Church says that it is a choice, much like religion. The Church says that those with same-sex attraction should not act on those feelings. Acting on those feelings is voluntary.

Apparently, one can change their sex all they like (see “Chelsea” Bradley) so why is attraction any different?

With whom you wish to sleep is not the same as being tall. You are born and you grow. That’s it. What you can’t do is say “my body is 6’2’’ but i’m really just 4’8” on the inside, so you have to let me on that kiddie ride or you’re violating my civil rights. Yes, I know I was born 53 years ago, but, I’m really just 4 on the inside, and as someone choosing to live as a 4-year old, I want to enrol in kindergarten.

Nope, nothing wrong with that… :shrug:

I was born with poor eyesight and have a restriction on my drivers permit that i must wear glasses. But I choose to live as someone with 20/20 and the draconian rules about “corrective” lenses (such an archaic term) so will put my complaint up to a human rights tribunal.

The right to practice a religion is in the First Amendment of the Constitution.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

There is a very large book that list hundreds of recognized religions in this country.

The gay lobby is presenting their call for rights in a mass media campaign that rivals nothing I’ve seen in the last 10 years. “Gay rights,” as a concept, is not a religion. It is also not a civil rights issue. It is part of an effort to destroy families. In other words, the goal is to create any mix and match types of people, broken down by sexual orientation, and call that a family - plus benefits.

Your business involves a very specific situation and you may wish to contact a lawyer in your state. If a man wants to buy a wedding dress for himself for his wedding, will you say no? I’m not a lawyer but find out what may happen. Just be prepared.


My point in short is this. If to be Gay were a religious choice like being Muslim or Catholic or Baptist. Which I think it is should it not be protected. There are some things we have no choice over like our color, sex, or language of origin. But religion we do I see being Gay as a religion of sorts. They do detestable things to be sure. But lets say a satanist whats me to photograph his wedding how is that different from doing the same at a gay wedding?

You don’t choose to be gay. You choose to act on those feelings. It is not a religion, it is a sinful lifestyle. You can’t compare sinning to religion. Would you say that premarital sex is a religion?

Are you familiar with the worship of Hathor? I know how my religion views these things that is not my point. The point is that these actions are a type of worship. I know that they are worshiping demons. But we must change are way of debating these issues because they fall apart using there logic. It is a religious choice so it is protected. Sin is a religious choice. A very bad one but a religious choice.

KendraDZ1902 said it quite succinctly: God’s Word does condemn THE ACT of homosexuality.
Put in another way, one may feel “inclined to attraction” of the same sex, but action resulting from that impulse is wholly not Christ-following. Seek Christ in times of temptation (this I say for all who read as well as myself).

Going back to Genesis the woman is a “counterpart” or “complement” to Adam, and Scripture uses the Hebrew expression “neged” which means both “corresponding to” and “opposite.” So the woman is similar in terms of her humanity, and yet different in terms of gender. If sexual relations are to be had, they are to be had with a sexual gender counterpart, or complement, within the partnership of the marriage union.

Here is an article (and a link to the 1st article) from a man who realized his homosexual tendency and yet also the call to Christ, and so puting Christ as precious above his sexual desires, he tells of the struggles from not acting on them. It’s a good read:

After understanding that Scripture truly does condemn homosexuality, and with your work being in the bridal market, I’d suggest reinforcing the joy in Christ to all and leaving it there. I recognize that that doesn’t solve all issues but focusing on Jesus is the key to all of our issues.

The “hand that feeds” you is God. To be complicit in a same-sex wedding is to bite the hand that feeds you.

I understand where you are coming from, as a musician I’ve had to come to the conclusion that I will not include weddings anymore in my “areas of service”. If an aquaintance approaches me personally, I might do it, but it’s no longer something I do professionally. And believe me, I really could use the money.

This is a sad, sad situation. SS marriage affects so many things…innumerable, actually. It’s the card that makes the whole house fall down.

It might help to think about the future societal problems that will ensue (especially for children), and resolve not to be a part of it.

So very, very sad. I’m sorry that your business will be affected. Be faithful, and God will provide!

It’s the card that makes the house fall down? Not if we stand as faithful witnesses. This is a social engineering project that will end. Not soon, but it will. Gay divorce is seeing more attention as time passes. And no, that was not meant to provoke, but as a factual statement only.



I am looking at this through the lens of secularism. How we see and understand a thing is not how others see it. For us if the killing of children was Molech worship. So abortion is liken to that god. How then can we not call Homosexuality worship to the gods of the sodomites? We know that it is a demon they worship, but it is still a religion of sorts. We try to say one thing is not religious and another is, if God did indeed make us then all we do and say is a religious expression in one form or another. We call the good ones charity and the bad ones sin. To those of you who wonder, I am a happily married father of three. I have never even had a gay thought in my life. I think we are being lazy in our thinking that’s all. I am not saying the end of our thinking is wrong but we have to make a better argument. I don’t have the answer my self. I was hoping to engage in useful dialog and not the re-airing of already know Church knowledge.

You seem to be very misinformed on exactly what homosexuality is. I know I probably can’t convince you otherwise, but there are some major flaws in your argument against gay marriage. First off, you say that homosexuality is a “choice much like religion”. Homosexuality is found in over 1,500 species of animal. I suppose they all “chose” to be attracted to the same gender? You also call homosexual acts a style of “worship”. Being in a same-sex relationship has absolutely nothing to do with religious beliefs or anything like that whatsoever. A same-sex relationship is self-explanatory, simply two people of the same sex in a relationship with the same feelings and affection for one another that any opposite-sex relationship partners can have. A homosexual person can be a Christian, Jew, Muslim (although taught to be a “sin” by the belief system, there are gays who are in denial who try to “change” due to the beliefs of these religions), Hindu, Buddhist etc. And then you say that a free society’s laws are attempting to “pick and choose what religion is right or wrong”. The law is not trying to protect any religious beliefs with gay marriage laws being deemed unconstitutional because Christianity doesn’t “own” marriage and can’t just decide who gets to get married and who doesn’t just because they don’t agree with it. If an Atheist same-sex couple gets married the Church can’t stop them from marrying each other just because they think it’s a “sin.” If your religious beliefs are against something and you two are against it because of what your religion teaches, fine, just don’t try to act like your religion has the power to dictate laws based of what you simply “believe” to be wrong.

I’m not here to tell people what they can and can’t believe but I will attempt to educate them and tell them that what they believe doesn’t hold any weight on laws and if it did then it would be an unfair, biased and certainly not “free” society. I, having been raised a Catholic would never force that what I was taught to believe on anyone else and certainly not the law because that would be unfair for the rest of society who follow different religions or have no religion at all.

The picking and choosing of religions ended 2000 years ago when Christ established his one Holy and Apostolic Catholic Church. What you see today is the fallout of man trying to establish religions to cater to every whim of man.

The objective of doing this is puzzling if not ludicrous. Man seems to think consensus is a priority to God, that whole nations that are determined to follow man-made religions will make God relent to these other unsanctioned religions not endorsed by His son. History proves this wrong with a long history of God smiting nations en masse for committing collective sins.

These groups and religions are temporary and will terminate in the end times. The Religion of all religions will survive and continue in His celestial realm, since “not even the gates of hell(false religions,nature worship,cult rituals,atheisim,habitual sin,etc) will prevail against it”.

You’re claiming that all other religions are false and that yours is correct yet have not shown any evidence whatsoever that this is true. Religion is FAITH. The definition of FAITH is “belief not based on proof”. You cannot claim that your religion is the right one or that all other religions are false when the reality is that no one knows. You could be very very right or very very wrong but we don’t KNOW for an absolute fact. And other major religions still exist today because they, just like you, believe that their religion is the everlasting truth based on FAITH rather than FACT.

Just to be clear, I am NOT telling you what you can or can’t believe I’m just pointing out that claiming others to be false and yours to be correct with no proof is downright absurd.

The state could never accept homosexuality as a religion. The first obligation of the state is to protect society. Homosexuals make up almost one percent of our population. Sexually transmitted disease is rampant within that one percent. If the state granted homosexuality status as a religion then the state would be promoting homosexuality and placing all of society at greater risk.

You are confusing two things. Many gay people argue that their inclination, their **attraction **to persons of the same sex, is NOT a choice, and that they “just are”. The Church notes that there is no sin in experiencing such an attraction, and that said attractions are a “trial” for many who experience them.

No one, to my knowledge, argues that the decision to act on those attractions, (as a heterosexual acts on his/hers,) is anything other than a choice. Same sex acts are the product of a choice, and are a sinful choice.

Find a parish that has a gay priest, and ask him why he didn’t just choose to be a priest, why choose to be gay too???

… let me know how the conversation goes.

Gee, I don’t think we have any more gay priests. Not after the “pedophilia purge”.

Actually it is not absurd AT ALL. If a person doesn’t believe that their religion is the right one, then why even contemplate that religion? A person doesn’t trust his/her soul to a religion that he/she thinks might be true…

Problem is relativism. Be careful don’t get marry with modern-day fallacies, that are nothing new really, that soon enough you’ll be a widowed.

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