Gay "marriage" poll for Cathollics

If you are a Catholic in good standing with the Church, please vote on whether or not
you agree with item #5 of the 5 “Non-Negotiables” in the Voter’s Guide for Serious Catholics found here (pages 5-6 of the pamphlet, or .pdf pages 7-8):

If you are not a Catholic in good standing with the Church, please do not vote!

Voting yes means you agree, voting no means you disagree. Please do not post comments here- this is intended as a poll only. All voting is anonymous. Thanks for voting!

I believe in separation of church and state and by this, I argue that the federal government does not have the right to declare ANY civil union as a marriage. Marriage is reserved for religious bodies. The government should extend legal rights to any two persons who want to be legally united.

I disagree with the voter guide because although the Catholic church does not condone homosexual unions, it would violate the legal rights of non-Catholic persons. All persons should be at liberty to do whatever they want as long as it does not conflict with the liberties of others and disapproval of something does not constitute as a violation of ones liberty.

Although I disagree with the voter guide, I would not vote to extend legal “marriage” to homosexual couples as marriage should not be under any federal power as it is clearly historically religious in nature.

Thanks, Boo for your thoughts but reminder- please don’t leave comments here. There are other threads for that and if this becomes another highly controversial battle the thread may be closed, and the poll along with it. Thanks for understanding!

And p.s. sorry about the typo in the title. I hate it when I make typos!! Perhaps a moderator could fix it??:blush:

If nobody comments, though, the thread will quickly move down the forum page and not as many people will see it and vote. :o

how can one disagree with question 5 and be a catholic in good standing ? and this forum doesn’t exist to gather data without an effort to discuss said data.

“If you mock the Roman Catholic faith or spew heresy, I really don’t have time for you here” who said this?


If you are not a Catholic in good standing with the Church, please do not vote!

who is deciding this?

Disagree with what? That the Church teaches what is written, or disagree with the Church on the teaching for legislators?

As far as keeping the poll visible in the subforum, that is just a matter of my logging in periodically and posting a new post saying, “thanks for voting!”

The reason why I didn’t want discussion is because it is a controversial topic and as soon as discussion gets too heated- which it always does- the moderators will close it, and the poll along with it.

As far as the question, nothing is perfect. It simply asks if you agree or disagree with the statements on topic #5 on the page which the link leads to. I think that the text on that page is pretty straightforward. Agree or disagree? All voting is indeed anonymous, and that was another reason to avoid discussion.

As far as “Catholic in good standing” to the best of my knowledge that has always meant that you have completed your Sacraments of Initiation and aren’t currently excommunicated or otherwise banned from receiving the Eucharist (not counting simply needing Reconcilation). I’m sure somewhere here is more versed in canon law than I am, however. But here is a link to a page which explains it in terms of the five Precepts:

Thanks for understanding!

then what is the pupose of the poll?

The purpose of the poll is to determine whether or not a majority of CAF Catholics support gay “marriage.” This is a claim that has been made on another thread(s).:). I wanted to put that statement to the test, as well as determine if a sizable minority of CAF Catholics support gay “marriage.” The poll is restricted to Catholics because that is the group in question. That is all.

Folks may vote, or not vote. Non-Catholics are on their honor to not vote in this particular poll.

Again, to everyone who votes please don’t post arguments or questions here, it defeats the purpose of creating an anonymous poll.

To everyone who has voted so far- thanks!

Thanks for voting, everyone!

Thanks for voting, everyone!

Thanks for voting, folks!

Thanks for voting!

Thanks for voting!

Thanks for voting!

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