Gay "marriage" vote in Massachusetts


Hey all, in about one hour from now (1 pm EDT), the constitutional convention will convene in Boston. The legislators will (possibly) vote on whether or not to send a measure banning gay marriage in MA to the 2008 ballot. The gay rights activists have been fiercely opposing this measure. Only 50 of 200 votes are needed for the issue to go to the ballot, but it is supposed to be very close. Some legislators are expected to use procedural tactics to avoid a vote. In the past few weeks, allegations have been made that the governor and others have been offering staff positions and jobs to anti-gay marriage legislators whose term is expiring soon, in exchange for a change of their vote.

Please pray that God’s will be done and that the legislators make the right move to defend marriage!

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You bet:thumbsup:


:bigyikes: Yikes! Prayers for Mass.!


Unfortunately, the ban failed. It won’t be until 2012 when the measure can be taken up again


Unfortunately, the ban failed. and it can’t be taken back up until 2012.


Continuing prayers, that in the intervening time, there may be more folk who will come to support this.


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