Gay Marriage

There is so such thing as “gay marriage”. This thinking is an allusion in seeking to make
something that is unacceptable in the mind of God and make it acceptable in their minds.
Both so called “gay marriage” and shacking up are immoral and sinful. While shacking up
can destroy the soul, the so called “gay marriage” is the worst for it destroys the soul
and the sacramental institution of marriage between a man and a woman from the time of
creation by Almighty God.

If the whole world is for “gay marriage” where would the children come from?
If God was for “gay marriage” He would have created only men OR only women.

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It’s amazing how people cry about the separation of church and state until it comes to gay marriage.

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Um, the vast majority of actual marriages and from extra-marital hetero-sexual sex.

I’m not sure you have a sound argument here.



I wonder why the push for “Gay Marriage” seems to be so strong right now in so many countries. You see it all over in the US, UK, and France. It seems like an unstoppable flood.

I think that it is because this issue has really pushed the idea of self - anything I want to do is not only ok but has to be applauded and validated because ***I ***am acting on how I feel. Once we accept homosexual sex to be normal, we open the door to any behavior we want. And it is being sold in the name of “fairness”.



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Because satan is out in full force…

I think what he’s saying is that homosexuals are dependent on heterosexuals for their continuing survival.

Certainly there is no such thing as a sacrament in which two people of the same sex can become married. Gay marriage on the other hand does, at least legally speaking, exist.

Children would come as they have always come.
Lets say every single person accepts “gay marriage,” this would not mean that everyone would suddenly become homosexual and get “gay married.”

We should be careful in assuming what is in our Lord’s Mind. We are much much much lower than his glorious divine mind, and the little we “know” about God are called “mysteries” for a reason. We should keep this in mind before making blanket statements that include God in it.

Anyway, there are certainly valid arguments against same-sex marriages from the point of view of the church.

Just as we should be against divorce. But this issue seems to rile people up more for some reason…

All I would say is we should work would humility, mercy, and of course logic.

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When we fall short of defeating legislation affecting abortion or gay marriage, our #1 task is to change hearts and minds through our Catholic faith.

From the straight couples. It’s not like whenever someone declares that they’re for gay marriage, a straight couple breaks up.

What would God have created if he was for gay marriage AND straight marriage?

He has a strong argument, but not for the reason he might think. What acceptance of gay marriage does is push us down the road to acceptance of offspring made from the genetic material of both partners.

Granted, this article is not about gay people per se, but you can see how such technology can be used to further bastardize and minimize God’s gift of creation.

Seriously, who here doesn’t think that the next step will be trying to foster a gay couple’s ability to make children together?


Back in 2003, I believe it was, Pope John Paul II wrote this:

Might be worth your while to read it if you haven’t yet.

Whether same sex marriage is legal or not, gay people only make up about 10% of the population at most… That leaves 90% to make babies. It’s not going to magically turn everyone gay. :shrug:

No, you are right it is not going to turn every one gay but it is becoming now more than just people having a disordered attraction and choosing to live that lifestyle because they are homosexual. It is now, for the culture anyway, becoming just another romantic option, something people are trying just for the “fun of it” so I can see where this could be something that grows into more than the 10%.
People know it is wrong but in their rebellion they are choosing to explore this lifestyle.

Some people may be more willing to experiment than others, but most people are not really that flexible in their sexuality. I’m gay, and I can honestly say I’ve never had any desire to experiment with a woman in my entire life.

What’s wrong are statements like that. I has nothing to do with rebellion.

I think you are looking at it from a wrong angle. it seems you are jumping to what you know rather studying the issue. though many may agree with you, your points fall on def ears when someone doesn’t. why did you post this here?

Perhaps that direction there is not the experimentation but as homosexuality is promoted and approved, youth are finding it fun and are experimenting, they are the ones who despite being taught it is wrong are choosing this lifestyle in rebellion againsg what is taught to them even though they don’t have homosexual tendacies and this type of behavior is promoted by hollywod everyday.

I suppose anything is possible, but because you haven’t the slightest idea what it’s like to be gay, you’re not really in any position to make an informed speculation on the matter.

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