Gay Marriage

I don’t agree. I think that children who do not have SSA will not and can not respond sexually to the same gender only in order to be rebellious, at least not males.

There are certain responses to physical stimuli that heterosexuals will not physically and can not respond to.

Is everyone exactly the same? I think not, and I believe the derision and even hatred held by a few people causes some homosexuals to hide from fear.

No I am not a sexually active homosexual I am chaste.

But I think God expects us all to display love for all his creatures even though we don’t approve of their acts.

I have known of kids who have and you see it on tv frequently

As you say everyone deserves love and to be treated with total and complete respect b d just because someone disagrees with your lifestyle or beliefs does not mean they are afraid of you or hate you I have family who are homosexual and I love them so very very much but I don’t agree with their lifestyle and that is because I want them to know truth

“My lifestyle?” I am completely chaste and have been so for many years, so it should not make a difference at all. I have 2 homosexual cousins who are active and I too disagree with the way they live. So we have something in common.

If I could tell you some personal history. I converted to the church when I was only 18 and was sheltered so much so I did not even know what SSA is.
I went to Mass and stood by myself since my family is Protestant and was shunned, why? Apparently because I had no wife even at 18 years old. I am also not a linebacker.
But I usually had an entire pew to myself, why?

Is it because I was unmarried? Was it because I am not a cigarette puffing beer swilling “macho man” that everyone took it for granted that I was a sexually active homosexual?
When I was in religion (a Franciscan congregation) the superior in my noviatiate absolutely hated me for my mannerisms and I was not permitted to go from postulant to novice.

Those are several questions and I have no answer for them they just confuse me.

Gnostic one,

Your notion of inability to speculate absent experience cannot be accepted in a rational mind.

I have never experienced Diabetic Ketoacidosis and yet I can make an informed speculation abou that.

I have never had AIDS and I can make an informed speculation about that.

I have never sat on a bed post and yet I can make an informed speculation about that.

This rings of the empiricist view that only an empirical knowledge has any understanding of knowledge. I don’t have to experience everything to have an informed speculation on any matter…this is how we teach children to grow up…they don’t have to experienc everything to make an informed speculation and understand what choices to make.

Well give it a few more years indoctrinating children that homosexuality is the normal thing, a few more scientific studies stating that lesbians and gays are superior parents than heterosexual parents, more studies stating that boys raised by lesbians are more respectful than the ones raised by a mother and a father,.that children of lesbians tend to exceed academically, more statistics that homosexual relationships are more stable than heterosexual relationships and finally just add radical feminism teaching women to not get along with men and the growing hook up culture that is making more and more women.reaching 35 without being married therefore running to become single mothers, and you are going to see how that 10% grows quickly and you are going to see how only a minority of children are going to be raised by a.mother and a father

Well stated. I believe that is exactly what will happen in my own behumbled opinion.

I am sorry if I offended you. Sometimes the words don’t come out right, especially on the internet and when using an IPOD to boot.

You’re right, I am not gay and I don’t know the struggles but I know it must be hard especially if you are trying to be obedient to the church. I should perhaps have used a different word than lifestyle but sometimes it is hard to know exactly just what the right words are. You don’t want to offend but you also know what is right and wrong. It is also hard to know if someone says they are gay if they are chaste and following the church or are acting on it and following the culture.

I do know that SS marriage or SS sexual activities are being promoted by Hollywood and that in my opinion is wrong and I do know that there are teens who are experimenting just for experimenting sake and as SS marriage is promoted it is confusing many youth and that is all I was trying to say.

I don’t have the answers either but I know God does and I do believe that the Catholic church is the best place for you for it is where God is and I am glad you are here. I am not really sure why the Church would shun you just because you were 18 without a wife, that to me, too makes no sense if you were living a chaste life.
I didn’t marry until I was 35. I wasn’t shunned but it was hard to find activities for older singles.

God bless.

There is a statement (I don’t remember originally from who) but it was popularized by Peggy drexler and other famous authors: in the near future kids from homosexual.couples and single mothers would be asking the kids of heterosexuals that weird man who lives with your mom who is he. I don’t see how so many people can’t see where all this is taking our society.

It is a sad fact, but true. It is a very frightening road this is taking us on.

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