"Gay" marriage

When traditional Christians speak of ‘traditional’ marriage, they IGNORE THE FACT THAT THE VERY FIRST MARRIAGES PERFORMED BY THE CATHOLIC CHUARCH WERE BETWEEN MEN. documented in the book "Christianity, Social Tolerance and HomoSEXuality, by John Boswell! It was then thought that the bond between two men was greater than the bond between a man and a woman! It was also a fact that WOMEN WERE THOUGHT OF AS NOTHING MORE THAN A MEANS TO RECEIVE A DOWAERY AS TO REPRODUCE THE HUMAN FAMILY!

Dear B,

Mr. Boswell is known for his agenda-laden treatment of history. The fact is: Jesus showed a respect for women that was unusual for the time. When He spoke of marriage, it was of the union of a man and a woman. Mt 19: 5-6, Mt 10: 7-12, Eph 5: 22-32, Heb 12:4

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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