"Gay marriages expected to begin in Iowa April 24" by Amy Lorentzen / "Poll: U.S. Catholics lean left on social issues" from USA Today


A few thoughts:

The Rev. Diane McLanahan of Trinity United Methodist Church in Des Moines acknowledged that many people of faith won’t agree with the ruling. With that in mind, she said the court has reached a decision that “pretty much insists that this will not be a debate about religious rights but a matter of equality and fairness.”

When will Catholics stand up for true Christianity? The Church has plainly stated in Considerations Regarding Proposals To Give Legal Recognition To Unions Between Homosexual Persons that, far from discrimination, justice requires the upholding of marriage – meaning homosexuals cannot marry nor should they have “civil unions”. Yet here in our midst is a woman claiming to be Christian who, in claiming that homosexual “marriage” is a part of equality and fairness, is working against the Holy Spirit, confusing those who do not have a strong understanding of the truth. A recent poll from USAToday found that USA Catholics “are more liberal than the general population on social issues like divorce and homosexuality, despite the Catholic Church’s longstanding conservatism on both issues”.

Jason Morgan, 38, said he and his partner, Chuck Swaggerty, adopted two sons, confronted the death of Swaggerty’s mother and endured a four-year legal battle as plaintiffs.
“If being together though all of that isn’t love and commitment or isn’t family or marriage, then I don’t know what is,” Morgan said.

It’s time we start educating each other about what marriage actually is – and it’s not just about two people who love each other, as Pope John Paul II and Christopher West (and others) have written.

So, all this being said, what do you suppose we can do about it? I’m a poor college student, whose time is largely dominated by school work, so I don’t really know how I can help.

The Iowa Catholic bishops are out in front in supporting a state constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

Iowa’s four Roman Catholic bishops, on the other hand, expressed disagreement with the ruling and renewed their call for an amendment to Iowa’s Constitution defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

“It’s very disappointing, and sad,” said Sioux City Bishop R. Walker Nickless “It is an attempt to narrow the definition of marriage as secular, subjective and utilitarian. This decision attacks all those couples who believe that their marriages are religious, objective and purposeful.”


I don’t agree with Bishop Nickless, however. Someone getting married by a court official does not lessen the religious marriages of my friends. And someone getting a religious marriage in a church with beliefs different from the Catholic Church does not lessen the sacramental marriage of Catholics.

Great! However, that’s only half the solution – people must learn the ‘why’, not simply know the ‘what’.

There is only one God, only one reality, only one truth. Every time someone engages in actions and ceremonies which proclaim “marriage!” but do not constitute a valid marriage (they are not open to life, they are not sexually complementary, they do not mirror God’s love, etc.), God’s plan for us and our sexuality and marriage as an institution ordained by Jesus is attacked.

So, yes, there is an open contradiction, a direct attack. We live in communities, in societies. For this reason it is written to remove evil from our midst, because it affects each and every one of us. (I refer to the passages in the New Testament discussing that when a fellow Christian is living in sin, you first approach him alone, then if he’s still unrepentant, with witnesses, and finally you excommunicate him from your community, so that he may repent and be saved.) One reason we attend Confession is that our sins hurt the Church, and we must be reconciled to the Church, the body of Christ, in addition to God.

So, yes, invalid homosexual “marriages” do hurt those with sacramental marriages.

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