Gay Men’s Chorus to Perform “Born This Way” at Catholic College

The College of St. Rose in Albany, New York, is scheduled to host the Albany Gay Men’s Chorus performing their show “Born this Way” on campus June 16.

“Born this Way” features the music of Schubert and Lady Gaga and, according to the group’s website, “strives to promote pride in and acceptance of the gay community.”

What is going on? Have the nuns in charge of this college lost their minds?

The College of St Rose is an “Independent” college. It is not owned or operated by a religious order. (Thank of Land-o-Lakes process). It has been that way since 1970, according to their history page. The president of the school is a layman. By my count, only 11 out of 33 trustees on the Board of Trustees is a religious sister, so the sisters wouldn’t be able to stop this, even if they wanted to…not to say they do (since the order has come out fully in support of the dissident LCWR, I’d doubt that they would wish to do so even if they could)

The lesson to be learned is that just because an institution of higher learning is listed as the “College of St” (fill in the blank), that doesn’t mean that it’s Catholic.

Sadly, this is nothing new at Catholic institutions of higher learning in America.

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