Gay NH Episcopal Bishop to Marry "Partner"


It never seems to get better, just worse. Aahhrrghhhg…


“Marry” should be in quotes, too, because even when he was married, Robinson didn’t know the meaning of the word.

Turns out that when it was time for him to take up with another man, he and his (now former) wife took part in a supposedly Christian erstwhile liturgical rite, wherein they released each other from their previous vows, forgave each other, wished each other well, blessed each other, and presumably rode off into the glorious sunrise that was the rest of their lives. This hardly bespeaks an understanding of marriage in the first place. :banghead:

Remember Chesterton’s observation that when someone stops believing in God (Robinson is heterodox, no big surprise) he doesn’t begin to believe nothing, but begins to believe anything? This man’s proof. And his antics have been devastating for those who hold, or once held, some Christian truths within his ecclesiastical community.:nope:




Agree with your observations on Robinson. But you cite the “Holy Grail” of Chesterton quotations. No one can cite a source for that quote, though you read it as his everywhere. I’ve been trying for years to pin it down.



Yes, it is one of those attributions that elude explicit verification.

It reminds me of the assertion, in the New Testament, that Jesus and his family moved to Nazareth to fulfill the prophecy that He will be called a Nazarene. No one could find that anywhere else, either. They happen, it seems.




For what it’s worth, Gerry, the Reverend Robinson and his wife divorced about three years before he’d even met Mark Andrews.

I’m happy for them :slight_smile:


Well, Robinson, among other things, typifies the practice, as opposed to the theory, of the committed gay relationship. Didn’t mean to suggest that he left her for him specifically.




Hmm, I wonder if Presiding “Bishop” Schori will approve of this “marriage”?

Ironically, this “marriage” just might result in a schism. I don’t see how the more conservative Anglican prelates can stand for this blatant rejection of basic Christian doctrine.


I can’t see her objecting, since she supported Robinson’s election to bishop in New Hampshire. (Their “House of Bishops” has to approve these elections.)

As for the prospect of schism, there is one already. Many Anglicans do not recognize his orders,and have declared themselves out of communion with those who support it. The schism has happened; the dust just hasn’t settled yet.




The American branch of Henry Tudor Jr.'s Church continues to slide into apostacy!
Thank God that Father Wesley’s actions took us out of there before it was too late!


Don’t take much to make you happy, does it?:smiley:


It’s the best way to live :wink: Better to be glad easily and willingly than to be perpetually jealous of others’ joy.


So you are “joyous” that they will go to hell for unrepented mortal sin? Because in their “Joy” they certainly do not act as if they were repentant. How could one be jealous of mortal sin?:eek:


I don’t think it is “ironic” in the least.

This move will force the hand of TEC in its relationship with the wider Anglican Communion. There is no way Robinson is not aware of that…

To be so public, so bold, and so “indifferent” about this gesture at this time is telling.

You could try to tell me that this is all a bit of a coincidence. You could also try to sell me some real estate in Brooklyn.

I think I would buy the bridge first.


As you were so quick to point out in another thread, I’m agnostic. I don’t believe in a hell, and I most certainly don’t subscribe to Catholic teaching on sexuality among many other things.

The rev and Mr Andrews seem satisfied with the states of their souls; and I dare say he’s likely a more practiced moralist and theologian than you. As for jealousy of mortal sin, one has only to look at the many threads here on masturbation and NFP to see that in action.


Of course they are satisfied, foolish man. And the fact that he is a “bishop” and theologian makes him even more culpable.
Sorry, you are right, you are an agnostic. “Those who believe in nothing, will fall for anything.” Dispite the fact that you do not believe, you will still be held to account for your actions, As to your unbelief, pray that you are correct, because if you are not, the consequences are eternal. I choose to believe, If I am wrong, no harm done.


:rolleyes: You’d think that Catholics would be above this sort of attack on someone they don’t even know. At least try to put some imagination into it, please.

Dispite the fact that you do not believe, you will still be held to account for your actions, As to your unbelief, pray that you are correct, because if you are not, the consequences are eternal. I choose to believe, If I am wrong, no harm done.

And if you’re wrong and some other non-universalist religion is right? Doesn’t sound quite so good now for either of us.


And if a grasshopper carried a .45, the birds wouldn’t mess with him. Your “what-Ifs” could send you to hell.


said grasshopper should carry a 9 mm - all the stopping power, not half the jamming problems…





does anybody know if the Church considers their apostolic succession and ordinations valid?

Dominus Vobiscum

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