Gay penguin finds a girl

CNN has the story but it is a video (I can never watch their videos on my laptop).

I find it interesting. Of course on some google searches, some will claim the penguin is now bisexual.


…dump some ice on those birds…
for those interested

Hmmm, I guess the penguin wasn’t really gay to begin with? Or maybe he just changed his mind. :shrug:

Cold showers don’t work on penguins.

:rotfl: :yeah_me:

Rumor has it that he spent some time with folks from Courage. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, well that explains it. :smiley:

He’s just experimenting–he will go back to male penguins soon. :eek:

Maybe he is bisexual

Hehehe… I heard about this and had a long, hearty laugh. :smiley:

Hehe, I found the story about that drunk badger more amusing but this is good too!

Maybe environmental pollution changed his brain chemistry so that his sex hormones are out of balance.

Did that Penguin have a clerical collar on???

Doesn’t this whole story kinda prove that homosexuality, or at least bisexuality is natural, seeing as it’s happening in… nature? :confused:

Without a doubt-and since many animals eat their young there should be no prohibition againt humans doing that either(I beleive that bush and cheney did that every morning-or was it kittens they ate?)

Think about how is ex-partner feels, he was so horrible to live with he turned him straight :rotfl:

Not to mention animals eating their feces - or the female spiders that kill their male partner after mating. :heart:


Not sure about Bush and Cheney, though…

Well, first of all, a zoo isn’t “nature.” Secondly, see estesbob’s comments.

Good observation! :thumbsup:

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