Gay priest is true to his faith, at odds with his church

Geoffrey Farrow, the Fresno priest who announced in a homily that he opposed Proposition 8 and was himself gay, gave an interview in the LA Times in which he reveals he had a homosexual affair after being ordained, and that he still wears his clerical collar while he campaigns against Propsotion 8 in defiance of his bishop and the Church hierarchy. Click here to read the interview.

He also shows an incredible lack of understanding of what the Church in this statement: “I’m not happy with the current administration,” Farrow said, “but I haven’t shredded my passport.”

This is the fruit of ordaining homosexuals to the priesthood.

If I were the bishop, I’d just can him. Period. He’d be a gone pecan. Laicized.

:banghead: :banghead:

Our Bishops need to protect the flock fom these wolves in sheeps’ clothing.Drive this guy out of the temple,THEN I’ll pray for him.:mad:

And I suppose that the priest sex abuse scandal was the “fruit” of ordaining heterosexuals to the priesthood? Father Goeffrey is a priest with a conscience. Someday we will look back on him as we do Joan of Arc today. The Catholic Church burned her, remember??

The priest sex abuse scandal is the fruit of ordaining predatory homosexual chickenhawks to the priesthood NOT heterosexuals.As for the latter you’re comparing apples and oranges.And by the way the Catholic Church canonised St.Joan,I don’t think that “father” Geoffrey,a disobedient sinful man has any fear of that happening to him unless he repents and recants and leads a life of heroic virtue.He is causing scandal to the faithful.Pray for him.

Your ignorance is showing. Statistically, heterosexuals outnumber homosexuals as pedophiles approximately 11:1. Do some research.

Thou art the ignorant one my boy.They’re not pedophiles.They’re not abusing infants and toddlers.They are abusing pubescent and post pubescent BOYS,pal.They are homosexual chickenhawks period.What is YOUR agenda?:shrug:

SOUTANE, you are correct. The vast majority of sexual abuse by priests have been homosexuals abusing teenagers. There have been really, very few cases of real pedophiles compared to the whole. The media, however, has purposely misreported and misled the public, just as they are doing with the presidential election. They have an agenda, and being violently anti-Catholic, they will stop at nothing.

The bishop just needs to step up and make an example of this guy. Charitably, of course, but decidedly!

There’s an old joke we used to tell. How many cardinals does it take to make a bishop? Answer: Three. Two to hold him down, and one to remove his spine. LOL

We are getting some excellent bishops, these days, though, but they’re coming from the younger group. Some of the older ones aren’t near the caliber of these younger guys.

:smiley: My favorite Bishop is Fred Henry from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary,Alberta.The media hates him ,politicians fear him and Catholics LOVE him.We need more tough MEN like this Bishop.Too many of them are purely administrators afraid of any controversy and simply mouth platitudes.The crook that they carry should mean something and they should defend their flocks from sadsack "priests"such as this.

How sad your hate is.

I HATE sin,not the sinner.I don’t hate this man,I pray for him.He occupies a SPECIAL place in this world-he is a Catholic Priest charged with spreading the Truth of the Good News.He is failing his God given responsibilities and is causing scandal to the faithful.Don’t you dare lecture me, little man.Your profile says you are a Catholic but your statements certainly are not.And by the way you did not once address my rebuttals to your pathetic statistics.Drop the HATE bomb and run,typical:rolleyes:

Smokey, truth is not hate. Truth is truth. A lack of discipline is a lack of love. The bishop needs to discipline his priests who step out of line because they affect the laity. Priests are to be an example to those whom they lead. Foxes in the henhouse need to be neutralized post haste. That means this priest needs to be removed immediately.

What a misleading title - he’s true to his faith? That he is not by the content of the article.

Is Farrow’s agenda more important than the Catholic faith?

The way he speaks of the bible is proof that his lifestyle is not compatible with Christianity (in my oppinion).

I second your post on Bishop Henry, Soutane!

We need ‘manly’ men as priests [and Bishops], not ‘girly’ ones!

‘father’ Farrow needs to repent-and if he doesn’t, Give. Him. The
Boot. NOW. :mad: Even Our Lord got mad and booted the moneychangers of the Temple!

I wondered about the title of this article. So I went to the OP’s source. This was not a news article but an OPINION piece. This is just for my own information and it made the information on this priest more understandable. It in no way is what the Catholic Church teaches.

Sorry to bump this up but has this priest reconciled with the Church? Does anyone know his current standing in the Church? I ran in to him on Huffington Post comments and he was advocating for “gay marriage” again so I assume he’s not in good standing with the Church.

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