Gay Reversal Advocates Say School Libraries Banning Their 'Ex-Gay' Books

Gay Reversal Advocates Say School Libraries Banning Their ‘Ex-Gay’ Books

Visit most public school libraries and you’ll find an array of books that address the subject of homosexuality. Many include sexually explicit content, and some even include graphic images.

But if you’re looking for a book that refers to the possibility that homosexuality can be “reversed,” a Chicago-based group says your best bet is the banned books list…
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Considering every single person I know that went into these programs came out with psychological trauma, or committed suicide, mostly the latter. Half of the ‘class’ I was in, ended up dead by their own hands. I’m not entirely surprised.

I can’t say I blame them for suppressing these books. I’ve heard more sad stories that I care to recall, about people who tried to be “cured” of being same-sex attracted, who ended up worse than before, ranging from men who married women and tried to be faithful to their wives, but ended up cheating on them with another man, up to young people in their teens and twenties who were forced into “reprogramming” by their parents and ended up suiciding because the “cure” did more harm than good to their self-image.

Speaking as a celibate bisexual, I’ve always looked at this aspect as a cross to be carried, not a disease to be cured, and you know what they say about rejecting the cross that you have: it might get replaced with something too heavy for you to carry…

Interesting that the only responses are from two lapsed Catholics?

This sort of thing is directly responsible for my ‘lapsed’ status. I was forced into this sort of stuff, and the local parish helped cement the decision to do so to me.

Would you trust anything directly involved in causing nothing but despair, self hatred not to mention indirectly causing people to kill themselves in the aftermath?

I’ve lost track of the friends and associates I’ve lost to suicide, the large majority of them were people who tried to cure themselves of homosexuality. Maybe it works for some people, but from my personal observation, it’s a treatment that seems to have deadly side effects in many individuals.

I said, “Interesting” that’s all.

If you hate the Church that much why are you on a Catholic forum?

The problem is that libraries have frequentlly defended keeping books and other materials (ie the Ask Alice website) that prmote risky behavior of all kinds. The fact that someone might use the material and be harmed has never before been a reason to ban a book. Nor is questionable research - just look at all the books in the library about new age healing.

But are such books found in school libraries? I agree with you that banning books is not a good thing, but I do wonder if schools, given their limited funding, should be coerced into buying “gay reversal” books.

Tell me about it, Our library system carries more books for new age **** than for all Christianity.

Maybe we Americans should look at some history?

By the time the Nazis came to power Nazism itself was a pseudo-religion that competed, in a sense, with Christianity and Judaism.

The schools were heavily targeted in order to de-Christianize the young. Mandatory prayer in schools was stopped in 1935, and from 1941 onward, religious instruction was completely eliminated for all students over 14 years old.

The Nazi Teachers Association actively discouraged its members from taking religious instruction, while at the same time many teachers of religious studies (who were all required to be licensed by the state) inculcated neo-paganism into their pupils during periods of religious instruction. Later, teachers were outright prohibited from attending voluntary religion classes organized by the Catholic Church.

From the early years, leading Nazis openly attacked Christianity. Joseph Goebbels declared that “Christianity has infused our erotic attitudes with dishonesty”.

It is in this campaign against Judeo- Christian morality that we find the reason for the German people’s acceptance of Nazism’s most extreme atrocities. Their religious foundations had been systematically eroded over a period of decades by powerful social forces. By the time the Nazis came to power, German culture was spiritually bankrupt. Too often, historians have largely ignored the spiritual element of Nazi history; but if we look closely at Hitler’s campaign of extermination of the Jews, it becomes clear that his ostensive racial motive obscures a deeper and more primal hatred of the Jews as the “People of God.”

The probable reason for Hitler’s attack on Christianity was his perception that it alone had the moral authority to stop the Nazi movement.

When moral barriers collapsed under the impact of Nazi preaching the same anti-Semitic movement that led to the slaughter of the Jews gave scope and license to an obscene revolt against God and the moral law. An open and implacable war was declared on the Christian tradition which unleashed a frenzied and un-a-vowed hatred of Christ and the Ten Commandments."

Aren’t identical forces at work in the United States today? Haven’t they to the same extent caused today’s spiritual bankruptcy?

I don’t think so. What makes you see a parallel? :confused:

Where did I say I hate it?

Some good news though: new developments that run against the corrosive trend in counseling labelled “gay affirming” therapy.

Details here:


You can’t mention God in public schools anymore, you cannot even teach Intelligence Design.

The push of the homosexual agenda, environmental movements, the rewriting of history, that the United States and Christianity are the problems with this world.

The majority of publishers of public school textbooks are far left liberals and have an agenda too.

The de-Christianizing of American youth this happens every day in our public school systems and you’re telling me you don’t see this?

I watched on TV where two fifteen year old boys were lying on a sofa wrapped up arm and arm and the kids’ father said, “I don’t like this but the school counselor said I have to allow this.”

I tell you what not under my roof! When the kid turns eighteen moves out he can do that but no-way would I allow that in my house.

Call me old fashion but I’m a man if you don’t like it move out and be as homosexual as you want to be but not in my house!

It seemed that way with your posts I know it’s hard to guess with emails I apologize if I misunderstood you.

Hmmm…that might be an overstatement. While it is true that prayers are restricted, talking about God and religion isn’t forbidden so long as it considers all perspectives, at least it is in high school.

Stan, most proponents of Intelligent Design say it has nothing to do with Christianity.

I think I understand your objection to the homosexuality and Christianity’s loss of privilege, but what does the environmental movement have to do with schools? And what do you mean when you say “the rewriting of history”? :confused:

I’m not sure about that, but okay.

I agree that Christianity has lost the privileged status in the public schools that it enjoyed in decades past, but I think that doesn’t equate to Nazi Germany.

What show or kind of show was this? It seems a strange parent who allows school counselors to dictate one’s home life.

House rules.

I think it would be hard to be a gay teen in such a household, but I understand your point of view.

I’m not a lapsed Catholic, I’m just not a “good lil’ pew-warmer” Catholic.

You’re a lapsed Catholic if you don’t do your duty and go to Mass every week.

You need to reread my post I can’t believe you can’t see a connection to socialists’ governments and what is being taught in our public schools.

The environmental movements are a pseudo-religion.

The problem is these kids are going through puberty and are very confused I know I was when I was fourteen I first seen this homosexual man at a party he looked like a woman a very cute woman I went home and actually thought about him and I wondered what it would be like to date this person!

What if I would have went to a school counselor and that counselor said, “Well Stan your problem is you’re a gay teen and you need to explore your homosexually.”

Let me tell you I’m straighter than John Wayne but when I was twelve to fourteen years old I was a confused young man. I’m glad I didn’t have a school official people I looked up too telling me I was a homosexual; Thank God!

There are thousands of men and women that used to live the homosexual lifestyle that are out of it; you just don’t hear about it.

I do believe that there are people that are born that way and I believe what the Catechism teaches. However I also believe the majority of homosexuals today were not born that way it is a lifestyle choice they made.

The homosexual lobby paid off the APA to take homosexually off the list of disorders that’s another reason Hollywood hates the Catholic Church because the Church still teaches it as a disorder.

If you ever heard of Dr. Laura Schlessinger she has been saying for years about how the APA was paid off. She got a TV show and the homosexual lobby shut her down and had her taken off TV! Why because she told the truth that not many Americans know about.

The homosexual lobby is very rich and powerful.

I’m just saying if you have kids you need to wake up and smell the public school system you kids are going too, check out the textbooks, the curriculum, what they are teaching your kids.

Remember you have people out there that think you as a parent are too stupid to teach your kids morality and they want to teach them their morality, which is they have none.

Stan, what do you mean when you say “socialists’ governments”? :confused:
I really don’t understand what you are referring to.

Mistaking someone’s gender has little to do with homosexuality. I’m sorry that you mis-read someone, many years ago, as being female when they weren’t, but since you are heterosexual you wouldn’t have been attracted to this person once you knew he was a guy.

Well, I don’t think you have any problem in that area, but what makes you think that a school counselor would say such a thing?

Stan, I am not sure the Catechism does teach that. I think it is neutral about the matter.

Really? Why do you believe so?

Why do you say this? What is the evidence on which you are basing your statement? And compared to what other interest groups? Certainly there is an anti-homosexual lobby which has a great deal of influence, at least within the Republican Party.

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