Gay Rights Bill Poised To Advance To Senate


The Senate will take up an anti-discrimination bill to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees from workplace discrimination. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act, known as ENDA, faces a key vote in the Senate on Monday.

Eliminating workplace discrimination is something both dies of the isle can agree on. Nobody should be fired because of who they are.

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People with SSA already have these protections under the law. This is just new language that will allow people who hold their own opinions on the matter to be fired.

The Thought Police have been busy, indeed. “Think like us, or be punished.”


So, if somebody applied for work here and let it be known that he, a male, insisted on wearing female apparel to work, I have to subject myself and my employees to that. And if an employee announced that he is “transitioning” from male to female, likewise. And if an employee insists that a person of the same sex is her “spouse” and will expect to be treated like one in all ways in this workplace, same.

Of course, I’m in the Bible Belt here, and while people here don’t harass people whose sexual orientation is known, as long as it’s not being pushed in their faces, but they’ll just have to put up with George’s transition to Georgette.

And if it fails, obama will issue an executive order requiring that all 'federal contractors" comply anyway. That would include Catholic charities, hospitals, schools, as well as a vast array of businesses and industries.

Obama’s war on Christianity proceeds.


They are not their sin. They are people who struggle with a particular temptation. To center one’s identity around a particular sin is to reject one’s identity as a child of God. Insisting that others go along with this is to insist that we celebrate their rejection of God.


If a Catholic goes to work at a company that is run by gays, will his/her right to express their religious beliefs be protected? Or can they be discriminated against because of their faith?




It’s dead in the House. :shrug:


Very good point! What happens if the Catholic is persecuted? The Catholic will be charged with discrimination because they are hateful and homophobic.

It seems that only gays can be “who they are” and get away with it, but Catholics attempting to be “who they are” cannot be “who they are” without compromise.

Let’s see what LiberalPrincess says about this, following her comment that “Nobody should be fired because of who they are!”

So Catholics and Christians can be drummed out of business, charged for discrimination, spit at, called hateful, etc. for being “who they are?”

Who gets to determine when individuals are merely being “who they are?” Religious beliefs don’t count as an aspect of “who you are,” but sexual orientation does?


Is that not being discriminatory against some individuals who believe that their created nature (who they really are) supercedes their presumptive nature (who they think they are?)


And the chairmen of THREE different USCCB committees present a statement to the Senate as to why ENDA is bad law and does not advance the common good.


I disagree with how often Catholics loudly proclaim how victimised they are. It’s like you’re all sore losers. Try looking at something from somebody else’s point of view. It’s fine if youre catholic but life will be much harder if you can’t comprehend the fact that not everybody else is catholic too.


If you have not done, please write and call your Senators and tell them to NOT support this bill.

Regardless of how you feel about so-called “gay marriage” this is something that has no business being debated in the Senate.


Based on your argument, the fact that gay people want to be openly gay is the same as being openly gay and saying that since they’re gay being catholic is a sin. But I’m pretty sure gay people don’t go around doing that. Not a majority at least. The fact that they’re gay doesn’t make you less catholic. It’s not the government is saying you’re not allowed to be catholic, it’s that you just feel the need to loudly say that since* you’re* catholic, being gay is wrong. It’s that line that you feel needs to be crossed that is causing the problem.


Obama first went after the Lutherans, you know, in the Hosanna Tabor case. Then it was the Catholics in the HHS mandate. At some point it’s not being a “sore loser” when one is inclined to oppose what one perceives of a further attack on religion and the free exercise and expression thereof. What would it take for you to see a threat? At what point would you oppose it?


Nobody should be fired because of who they are.

People are fired because for that reason all the time. Some people cannot do the job and others are just lazy—which by the way can be a capital sin.

If you want to fight REAL discrimination, not just something that will get liberals & rinos more votes, go up to Detroit and see how some of the straight, white democratic union bosses treat minorities.

I certainly can’t post such language on here because it’s offensive.

But it does nevertheless exist in Democrat Party circles. :(:o


It’s okay, then, with you that a homosexual person can delcare himself/herself so openly, or for a “transgendered” person to overtly pretend to be and mimic the opposite sex in the workplace, but it’s not okay with you if a Catholic expresses what he believes about the sinfulness of either thing or opposes what the Church clearly says is scandalous behavior.

No, I guess the government is allowing us to “be” Catholic, just not to express ourselves as Catholics.


A gay person expressing them self isn’t making the fact that your catholic a sin, it’s just them expressing them self. They’re expression doesn’t target you as am individual. Your “expression” you feel you have the right to, is bluntly targeting somebody else. There’s a difference. Feel free to pray and go to church. You won’t be fired for that. It’s the fact you think having a loud mouth targeting others is the same as “expressing yourself”

Yeah, I’m fine with gay people being gay where I work. I’m assuming they’re fine that I’m catholic since I don’t tell them they’re a sinner every time I see their face. The way you want to express yourself is close minded and selfish. It’s not that complicated. It’s about behaviour, not beliefs.



All posts are to be charitable

Please charitably discuss the issues, not other members

Much too much batting of each other going on in this thread.


They don’t have these protections, unless the state or local government or their employer provides them.

There was an article on this over the weekend in the newspaper. It’s a common myth that they already have these protections.


Expressing one’s homosexuality openly in the workplace or one’s belief that one is a gender other than one’s own, is conduct. It’s not “what you are”, it’s “what you say and/or do”. I don’t think anybody has a problem with someone who “is” homosexual or who believes he is other than what he is.

But we are obligated to tell the truth in matters of faith and morals. And, we are obligated morally to oppose scandal when and how we can.

I fail to see why it’s okay for a person to “express himself” only if that expression is that he/she is homosexual or “transgendered”, but not okay for one to express himself as a Catholic with certain moral beliefs.




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