Gay scandal causes protest in Russian Ulyanovsk

" Unworthy" - with such cry parishioners of Ulyanovsk have greeted the prelate. The scandal is there reaching far beyond the church fences. (Rus)

Ulyanovsk has recently become the center of the church life for Moscow patriarchy. Just after metropolitan Anastasius (Metkin) was diminished in status by being transferred there from Kazan. Anastasius is the central figure of the gay scandal, disclosed by protodeacon Andrey Kuraev in late 2013-early 2014.

On the day of his arrival to Ulyanovsk, Anastasius was confronted by two priests and c. 50 laymen, shouting “Anaxious!” (“Unworthy”, greek). The protest, strictly following the canonical form, was quickly christened “Maidan” by Anastasius’s supporters, who thus aim to attrct attention of the secular authorities, who were also confused by controversial appointment initially. Patriarch Cyril denounced the “rebellion of the plebes” and is determined on leaving Anastasius in the position by all means… ( translation mine).

P.s. “Maidan” - reference to Ukranian revolution, which Russian secular authorities are extremely afraid of.

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