'Gay' study: Marriage makes little difference

‘Same-sex relationships must be unique, not like oppressive heterosexual norms’

Posted: April 13, 2008
12:25 am Eastern

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Esther Rothblum

A new study on homosexual and lesbian couples that has been promoted as showing committed same-sex couples are “more satisfied” with their partners than married heterosexuals also reveals that among same-sex partners, marriage matters little.

In a startling revelation that could take the wind out of the sails of activists demanding same-sex “marriage” as a right, the study found, “In general, there were few differences between same-sex couples who could get married in Massachusetts and couples who could have only marriage-like relationships in California and Vermont.”

The study was done by Esther Rothblum of San Diego State University, who specializes in same-sex issues. The school’s announcement about the study was headlined: “Committed Same-Sex Couples More Satisfied With Their Partners than Married Heterosexual Couples.”


Well i have a news flash for these sodomistic fanatics, sodomy IS different from heterosexuality, simply because it is inherently immoral and an abomination, it is shameful lust.

Seems to me that God had it right…when He created marriage between one man and one woman. And created marriage as a convenantal sacrament. More reasons to pray.

This is becoming an increasingly popular pro-gay tactic–to try to make gay marriage not equal to, but better than, heterosexual marriage.

They try to say here that gays are happier than straight people…well then why is the suicide rate so much higher among the gay community? The title is quite telling to–that they view marriage as “oppressive”; in other words, something that is wrong.

In Christ,

Sodomites don’t want marraige, in fact they hate the sacred institution and Holy Sacrament that is traditional marriage.

Sodomites want to destroy marriage, they have admitted this over and over again. They want to “change”( by change they mean destroy and replace with something perverted and sick) marriage to “change”( look at previous parenthesis) society.

Unfortunately they are gaining ground. My sister (who is a lawyer) onced asked me why we should we get married anyhow?

I asked her why SHE got married, and she said it was ‘just a contract’.

Yesterday I attended an amazing workshop on Theology of the Body. And it answers the reason so succinctly why we should get married and why marriage is between one man and one woman. tobinstitute.org/ link has further information

It stands for the Theology of the Body Institute.

This is something that’s puzzled me these past few years since gay marriage/parenthood has become all the rage. In my younger (pre-Catholic) years I hung out with several gay men all of whom denigrated marriage (“It’s just a piece of paper.”) and parenthood (parents were referred to as “breeders”). It may have simply been sour grapes, but it was like whiplash to suddenly a few years later hear that gay men and lesbians were suffering because they weren’t allowed to marry. Why in the world would they want to be part of an institution that they find so distasteful?:shrug:

It’s sourgrapes.

I’m tired of having to call four lawyers to see my partner in the hospital and vice versa. We’ve been prevented from seeing each other six or seven times now. I’ve had his family, who he was disowned from over a decade ago, come in and have more rights than me, the person he lives with. I’ve had them call the police on me to remove me from the hospital room.

I’m sick and tired of it. There are legal ways to do this, but it’s not automatic. We have all the ‘legal paperwork’ that people tell us that could be the ‘same legally’, but that doesn’t work as quickly as marriage. Have you ever tried to get in touch with your lawyer at 3am? Good luck!

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