Gay teacher sues over firing by Catholic high school


A gay teacher sued a Roman Catholic school in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Wednesday for firing him after he announced his wedding to a man, the latest in a series of legal fights over anti-discrimination protections for LGBT people.


Lord have mercy (and put a stop to this non-sense).


At least he won’t be suing for birth control.


Catholic schools need to stick to hiring Faithful practicing Catholics and also use sisters and priests when available. My diocese is very blessed to have both - religious sisters that teach in the elementary schools and priests (usually parochial vicars from various parishes) teaching in our high school(s).


Do teachers sign a document saying they’ll follow the teachings of the Church?


Most Catholic schools do have a morality clause in their hiring documents.


Note they did not fire him because he was gay, they fired him when he went out and made a public display and announced that he was happy living in sin and never gonna stop. All are sinners, no Catholic is perfect, but if you go out and make a public statement that you are never gonna stop being a drunkard, a murderer, a liar, and all the other sins of the world then don’t expect to be employed by the Catholic Church…


I’m just impressed there is still a catholic school somewhere


I agree 100%. In my country in Catholic schools the majority of teachers are not practising Catholics and it is so obvious. Children that are preparing for first Holy Communion or Confirmation don’t really understand the sacrament. For me if a practising teacher was teaching children things would be different. You are very blesses to have that in your diocese.


At the rate we are going we won’t have any in a decade or two… all sacrificed in the name of tolerance. Then again many “Catholic” schools embraced secular moral teachings long ago and willingly went over the the Father of Lies. I guess “Immaculate Heart Satanic School” just isn’t as marketable though. :eek:


This is something that needs to be made clear before the person is hired. If he did not sign a contract like a previous poster mentioned, he could win.

These cases confuse me sometimes, to be honest. Why is the person working there instead of at a school whose values he agrees with? What did he think would happen?


Maybe the Catholic school was the only one that offered him a job.

And most people would rather try to bend the Church to their will and make a “statement” against it rather than just leave the Catholic Church alone.


I think people have fallen for the lie that the Church is “backwards” and that eventually the Church will “get with the times”. In their minds, they are championing justice.


The Catholic school I attended used to have nuns to teach, and from what I understood, the nuns would basically teach for close to no pay, but it stopped when they started demanding more money.

And to be honest, the nuns of today are the not the same as 30-40 yrs ago, the ones I have met are pretty liberal.


Is there a general difference in whether their order still wears the habit or not?


Most do not wear it, at least the times I have seen them.


I am really surprised to hear this. In the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend we are building new schools and enlarging others. Part of this is due to a successful voucher program in Indiana which removes most of the financial burden for sending your children to superior schools. It also saves money for the State of Indiana because the vouchers cost less than the wasteful and under-performing public schools.

Another part is due to the policy instituted by the late Bishop John Michael D’Arcy that all catechists receive advanced training so they could teach what the Church teaches rather than some of the nonsense I have heard about in other dioceses.

We also had a case of a teacher who was fired for making public her attempt to get pregnant by IVF and demanding that the diocese pay for it. Incredibly, she won in court on sexual discrimination grounds, but later settled out of court after the her judgment was greatly reduced.


Neither NC nor the federal government have civil rights laws for ‘sexual orientation’. He shouldn’t win unless a law is invented by the court.

He claims everyone at the school knew he was living a homosexual life. If true then he should have been fired long before the Facebook post.


According to the following, a teacher at a Catholic school, Emily Herx, who has signed a contact which stated:

”Acknowledging and accepting the religious and moral nature of the Church’s teaching mission, the undersigned agrees to conduct herself or himself at all times, professionally and personally, in accordance with the episcopal teaching authority, law and governance of the Church in this diocese.”

It adds that the “bishop or his designee” is ultimately responsible for resolving “charges of immoral behavior or of conduct violative of the teachings of the Church.”

Despite that, she went on to use IVF, and she was fired. She won $2 million in court. It is extraordinary. Morality clauses don’t seem to save Catholic schools from losing their case by showing how a teacher when against the clause they signed.

It doesn’t mean that Catholic schools shouldn’t have morality clauses though. Morality clauses are a very good thing.


Do people get fired for contracepting?

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