Gay teen activist honored by Obama charged with sex crimes against a 14-yr-old boy


Initially, investigators saw Laieski only as a victim in the case, but police records show that Laieski actively pressured his young friend not to tell anyone about the abuse in order to protect his rising star from being tarnished, even after the younger boy became suicidal.


Praying for both


If I look into my crystal ball, I see two things not happening: 1-the job at the White House 2-a future as a police officer. But it’s stil sad to see someone doing such a superb job of destroying their own life.


Here is the complete story. It turns out the teenage boys were introduced into the “lifestyle” by a 43 year old police officer assigned to work with so called LGBT youth. :mad:


That’s the problem with giving people who lack life experience, and a proven track record, undue public attention and influence. Laieski should have been encouraged to continue his studies so he would be prepared to make a meaningful contribution to society. Why was an inexperienced teen given an advisory position? From the article, it appears that Laieski was the creation of his 35 year old friend Casey Cameron. Usually, when a young person comes to prominence there’s an adult in the background pulling the strings.


Everything in the WH is a photo-op. It is all about advancing the narrative, and the rest of the story that goes beyond the two dimensional world of a camera is of no relevance whatsoever.


That was also in the original story. The theory of having adult homosexuals assigned to “help” young men with their “confusion” and concerns is just asking for trouble. Adult homosexuals are quite notorious for their predatory behavior. Allowing them to be alone with children is yet another set up for disaster.

My grandmother said if you are doing something you’d be embarrassed to announce on the nightly news, it’s probably not a good thing.

As to Obama, his continued simpering, pandering behavior and using human beings as props is just par for the course…come to think of it he’s probably playing golf as we speak.



And therein lies one of the greatest problems with our culture: When someone today announces that they engage in homosexual activity, the media falls all over themselves congratulating them for being so “brave”. Anyone remember the NBA player that “came out” a few months ago? Congratulatory phonecall from the president. We have become so distorted that publicly declaring what one prefers to so with their genitals is seen as a positive good, so long as those genitals are not being used for their obvious purpose. :frowning:


Brilliant! Indeed. I am struggling with how we have become genitalia focused. I thought that was a claim of Freud for young children rather than becoming the be all and end all of our universe.

I have a dear friend who posted some blather about not being silent and supporting homosexuals (and all rest of the genitalia inspired alphabet soup) and I wanted desperately to respond that I have no more interest in some gay guy’s love life than I have in HER love life, nor is it any more appropriate to make what we do with our nether regions the subject of public discussion.

Why is this a source of pride (no pun intended) and why have these public declarations become the norm rather than the exception?



My guess is that when a person’s whole identity and self worth gets attached to something, then this something (homosexuality is this case) represents the person. This ‘something’ is not just what they do, but what they are. By celebrating their genital activity these people think they celebrate their personhood. Thus the pride and need to announce it to the world.


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