Gay teen (male) is prom queen

No comment, this is just weird…

Eh, it seems that these things happen every year anymore. :shrug:

Kids like to be a little outrageous, and this is one mild way to do so: turning a tradition on its head.

Well…dangit! He ought at least be a transvestite and think he’s a woman! On the inside, I mean. Or have I my terms mixed up?

Shouldn’t he just be a gay king?

Reason # 5,385 why my kids go to Catholic Schools.

Remind me to stay out of that town.
There must be a whole lot of ugly women there if they can’t even compete against a man for title of prom queen.



I saw one article that admitted that some students had said they just voted to see the spectacle of two men dancing. And so, in a way, they intended to kind of “punk” the Prom King by giving him this embarrassing moment and seeing how he would handle it. I think it’s funny that some gay rights supporters view this as a moment of gay advancement, when in reality, at least some of the kids were viewing it as an entertaining freak show. Hardly a milestone in homosexual activism.

I don’t doubt that this is true; kids do want to do the outrageous. They definitely are not doing this young man a favor. Noone is helping homosexuals by encouraging their sin.:frowning:

They need our prayers and the Church has let them down.


What does the Catholic Church, which has been consistently against homosexual behavior, have to do with this story? The event took place as a secular high school prom.

Perhaps I misspoke. I should have said that Catholic people, rather than the Church has let them down. But then we are the Church, aren’t we? We haven’t done enough, we haven’t prayed enough. I’ve heard it said more than once that if all Catholics were serious about their faith and prayers, these problems would be taken care of. As it is, people are lost in their sin and aren’t made aware of the Truth.

Does that make sense? Do you agree?

I certainly agree with the effectiveness of prayer. I guess it only makes sense that if everyone prayed the same, we would be more likely to see the change you describe.

How many students probably thought this would be funny? Yeah maybe some voted because they “support the gay community” but I bet you anything this was just students trying to do something to get their school noticed. This is the second time I’ve seen a guy voted prom queen.

I just think it’s sad. How many girls really wanted that crown lost it only because students wanted something “differrent”.

I’ll never understand how gay people want to cross the gender lines only to cross back again? Gay guy is voted prom queen but wears a tux? Now that’s just dumb.I bet he isn’t even really gay.

. . . and that’s the tragedy of all the division in Christianity . . . that we are not praying as one.

Rebelious teens… disgusting nonetheless.

If I were the king, I would tell them they can have the crown back.

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