Gay teens will die, but who is to blame?

Oct. 10, 2012 ( - Over the past year, Ontarians have been inundated with media allegations about an “epidemic” of gay teens being bullied in school and this is the reason why every high school, including Catholic ones, must have Gay-Straight Alliances.
However, hard data did not support this claim, and in fact, legitimate studies show that the #1 cause of bullying in schools is body size/shape. For example, in a 2006 study done by a consultancy firm for the Toronto District School Board, sexual orientation was not even mentioned in the top 6 reasons it found for why kids are bullied in school.

This article provides a convincing argument, in my opinion, and a sound one, that not only is “homophobic bullying” not as big of a problem as it may seem but that the main thing which is causing deaths in the homosexual community is the sexual practice of anal sex between two men.

Tell that to gay people. Your disordered practice is killing you. “SHAME ON YOU BIGOT, HOMOPHOBE”, etc etc. Pray for them. You can’t talk with them, they shut you out the second they are told their lifestyle is dangerous and wrong. Pray for them to have a conversion of heart, otherwise satan have them.

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