Gay teens will die, but who is to blame?

Oct. 10, 2012 ( - Over the past year, Ontarians have been inundated with media allegations about an “epidemic” of gay teens being bullied in school and this is the reason why every high school, including Catholic ones, must have Gay-Straight Alliances.

However, hard data did not support this claim, and in fact, legitimate studies show that the #1 cause of bullying in schools is body size/shape. For example, in a 2006 study done by a consultancy firm for the Toronto District School Board, sexual orientation was not even mentioned in the top 6 reasons it found for why kids are bullied in school.

This seems to be commentary article that is quite solid in its claims. Apparently homophobic bullying is not really an epidemic. In fact, in one report mentioned in the article, it wasn’t even listed in the top 6 reasons for bullying. What is really killing homosexual men is diseases: namely AIDS.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that a teen is less likely to get bullied for being gay in Canada than in the United States.

Yeah, that is Canada… Here in the United States, homophobic Christians are not hard to find. Take into consideration the fact that Canada legalized same-sex marriage in 2005. Kids in the United States are hearing their religious parents -and churches- talk about how awful homosexuality is, that it’s a sin, and gay people go to hell, etc. It’s part of our political culture because people are so emotional on both sides of the same-sex marriage issue. When kids hear what their parents and churches are saying about gay people, they get the idea that gays are horrible people -I mean, what kid wouldn’t think somebody that’s Hell bound isn’t a monster… Hell is a scary place, so obviously a person that’s going there must be avoided at all cost. We have straight kids who are saying nasty things about gay kids. And adults aren’t much better, they just don’t come right out and say how they feel about gays. But they show it when they treat them as second class citizens, voting against them having the right to a marriage [even if the marriage isn’t in a church].

There is so much we don’t know about this subject.

I’ve delivered supplies before to AIDS’ hospices, when the epidemic broke out, the Roman Catholic Church was very compassionate towards those suffering from this malady, they be straight, gay, hemophiliac, drug user. They offered medical help and services.

With that said, teens suffer from committing suicide, guy shook up over a girl, a young lady in a town in our state killed herself and they blamed bullying, the reason for it was something along the lines of being called a girl with low morals, how terrible. And yes, from time to time, one hears this too per homosexual teens. Perhaps, suicide is more of a threat than the HIV virus.

Not citing this as authority or a source but you can see wikipedia has an article on it:

And so we do have to remember to be compassionate.

Aids? youve gotta be kidding me, the fastest growing demographics for aids are the elderly and black females, its fairly low in the gay community now.

because of contraception. Aids was invented by active homosexual male couples in america. Those were the earliest cases known to science, before aids was even “aids”. It’s everybody’s problem now, I agree. But trying to pass the blame away from homosexuality when it is 100% responsible for the creation of this monstrosity, is wrong.

Any kid who’s parents are doing their job properly.

At least you should back up such a statement? Do you have proof? I only ask because I have in fact seen the stats.

Please understand, I’m not trying to argue with anyone here or be on one side or the other of the argument as my prior post makes clear however there should at least be common ground to cite proof or statistics.

Sept. 23, 2010 - One in five gay/bisexual men in the 21 U.S. cities hardest hit by AIDS have HIV infections – and nearly half don’t know it, a CDC survey finds.

Data Confirm Most Severe Impact Is Among Gay and Bisexual Men of All Races and Black Men and Women-

This is from the Center of Disease Control, a government institution. And yes, this study seems to be from 2008. Anyone have anything more current disputing this?

I don’t have a comment - I just wanted to post that again in case someone had missed it.

Your comment is duly noted.

Just joined this site, God bless you all.
Just one question, who are you to judge?
I don’t advocate being gay. and just to clarify
Im married with three kids , and straight.

I also don’t advocate hatred, if that’s what religion
has done for you, you may need to re read the
good book and not cast judgement .although
that may be what your values are, no sense
in driving people away from our faith. It seems
that the people who most need help are
ones u drive away

Welcome to the CAF.

Question. Are we not to condemn sin out of love for others?

I blame the homosexualists and their enabler allies.
They willfully ignore the problems and instead pin the blame on others!

However, hard data did not support this claim, and in fact, legitimate studies show that the #1 cause of bullying in schools is body size/shape.

Yet you don’t see a bunch of overweight kids killing themselves…
It’s obvious that the kids parents are nor involved enough in their lives or they must have really ****** home lives and school lives otherwise they wouldn’t think suicide is their only option. Also, do these kids leave suicide notes saying, “I killed myself because of bullying.” They could have other problems but bullying is the hot topic these days and most kids were picked on by other kids at one time or another so its easy to just say that was the cause.

It seems that the people who most need help are ones u drive away


This thread for instance, has its share of homosexualists and enablers already!

This thread for instance, has its share of homosexualists and enablers already!

The word is homosexuals, and what exactly are you referring to when you say enablers?
You sound a lot like the people from the Westboro “church.”

Already the offense begins, I am not anything that you
suggested, I just expressed my opinion , does this insult
you? If so my sincere apology.

The word “homosexualist” oddly enough, is a word.
Enablers, as in those who coddle instead of doing any actual help. Those who ignore the problem thinking that it’s no big deal when it actually is.
You dare equate me with the WBC? I find that a grand insult!

So I’m like the WBC just for speaking my mind about homosexuality? I see more “tolerance” from your side.

I’m not insulted at the least.
I had asked you a question. Care to answer it? I’m waiting.

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