Gay US bishop Gene Robinson to divorce husband


Well, the Gay Episcopalian Bishop is getting a divorce. :shrug:

Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop in the US Episcopal Church, has announced he is divorcing his partner of 25 years.

Writing on the Daily Beast website, Bishop Robinson said he was “forever grateful” to Mark Andrew and that details of their split were private.

The pair were married in a civil ceremony in 2003…


So many things theologically wrong with that sentence. My mind can’t grasp.


Oh what a tangled web we weave !! God Bless, Memaw


Well, next could be marriage Number 3 for him then. Divorced first wife of course.



How can one divorce when one was never really married to begin with?

BTW Robinson is no longer an Episcopal bishop, he retired years ago and no more homosexuals have been elected to the episcopacy. I think TEC realized their mistake and won’t do it again.

Former Episcopalian am I.


Another gay divorce…:rolleyes:


So maybe the question should be why do gays think they need to get married and it is a low priority for heterosexuals? If i were to plan a way to screw up society this would be it.


The ordination of an openly Homosexual Bishop is what had me jumping off my comfortable fence I was on back then. It is when I started to say I was no longer C of E but non denominational. Glad to hear they realized their mistake but frankly how can you read scripture and ordain someone who is in direct unrepentant conflict with God’s word as a leader of the flock??? loving the sinner is one thing but giving him care of the moral guidance of the faithful a totally different one.


I really have no idea. I suppose you would have to ask the diocesan convention that elected him. Democracy sounds like a good idea on the surface but has little place in church.


St Raphael, pray for us.


There is no problem getting divorced as an Episcopalian, is there?
It is allowed, unlike in the Catholic faith?

It shouldn’t come as a great shock or with a big finger wagging if a homosexual person gets divorced.
Heterosexuals get divorced–even Catholic ones. There are many divorced Catholics who are members of this very forum. Surely all who are divorced here can empathize with the difficult emotions one experiences going thru a divorce.
And this Bishop has the added difficulty of having to go thru this publicly.



There is no problem getting divorced with the Episcopalian Church, but the indissolubility of sacramental marriage is a doctrine and not a disciplinary practice that can be changed. Permanent heterosexual monogamy or singleness is the moral aim of the entire world, not just specifically Catholics.

His marriage wouldn’t have been valid anyway, but it’s nonetheless always unfortunate when a couple falls apart because they cannot make peace with one another (we don’t know the details here). Even with a homosexual couple where, say, one or both of them repents of their lifestyle, the bond should end as charitably as is possible.


I was thinking the same thing.:thumbsup:


Along with Gene Robinson there is one more openly same sex bishop in the TEC.
Bishop Rev. Canon Mary Glasspool in the diocese Los Angeles since 2010 who I believe has been living with another woman for more than 20 years. But she’s not a show-better like Vicki Gene Robinson.

If it weren’t for Gene Robinson I probably would have remained a naive ill educated member of the Episcopal Church. But instead thanks to him I came back to ROME.


Back when I was confirmed into the Episcopal church the teaching was the same as the Catholic church. Divorce is allowed but ‘remarriage’ forbidden.

Now with Episcopalians anything goes, it is like changing outfits. That is the reason Prince Charles cannot inherit the throne. After Diana died he ‘married’ a divorcee. :frowning:


Prince Charles is next in line for the throne. Your information is not correct.


Andrewstx back in 1981 my then Episcopal pastor had been divorced and remarried either 6 or 8 years.

The Episcopal Church was the first mainline Protestant church to embrace contraception way back in 1930. Quickly the others followed suite. That was the year it stopped being like the Catholic Church and the reason our relations have never been normalized again.

I am praying that Pope Francis will uphold our church teaching in this area.

Gods peace be with you,



Don’t tell US, go back and inform Henry VIII, but beware for your neck…

(There, I mentioned H VIII. Let’s see how long it takes GKC to react to the bat signal!)


This is correct, Bishop Glasspool is not seeking media attention and does not have the desire to be featured on msnbc at least once a week. Bishop Robinson could have taken a lesson from Glasspool on how to conduct yourself as a bishop.

I can’t believe that TEC and the Anglican Communion went through all of this chaos and schism only for him to get divorced…


For one thing, how do they determine which “spouse” is the “husband” and which the “wife”?

Yet more proof of the violence the homosexual rights movement does to the language… words like “husband”, “wife”, “spouse”, “love”, and even “divorce” become corrupted.

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