is saying geez a mortal sin i thought it wouldn’t be grave matter even though i knew it is an abbreviated version of Jesus so did i sin venially or mortally? i said it in a context of a joke and didnt say it impulsively so i knew what i was doing i just figured it wasnt a big deal but maybe it was and so i had full knowledge/consent.


hopefully replies come soon i thought i’d receive communion tomorrow and want security i’d be ok or maybe not and then confession some day soon.

I do not think its a form of foul language. For me its more of a colloquial term for, ‘seriously’ or ‘really?’ The term itself does not any foul meaning compared to the other foul words which are often used…I know I have and have confessed them.

Better safe than sorry, ask the priest. But I do not think it is a sin.

according to the Miriam Webster dictionary:

noun \gē-ˈez; ˈgē-(ˌ)ez, ˈgā-
Definition of GEEZ
: a Semitic language formerly spoken in northern highland Ethiopia and still used as the liturgical language of the Christian church in Ethiopia
Origin of GEEZ
Geez gəʽəz
First Known Use: 1790

interjection \ˈjēz
Definition of JEEZ
—used as a mild oath or introductory expletive (as to express surprise)
Variants of JEEZ
jeez also geez
Origin of JEEZ
euphemism for Jesus
First Known Use: 1923

I thought it meant --Gee whiz!!!

When I was a kid I got in the habit of saying E Gad. Mom’s hairdresser told me I was going to Hell. I had to ask mom what she meant. Seems like I was saying Ye Gods and somehow indicating I believed in more than one God??? Anyway, I stopped saying that because it offended her…

There are several terms for this. One is grammatical, [interjection I think] and one from the CCC. You will hear a great deal of feedback on this. To be a mortal sin, you have to know it is blasphemous I believe.

I say “wow.” I have said gosh, but Webster has said that is a euphemism for God, so I no longer say that. Webster doesn’t say that about wow. If I hurt myself I say ow.

Hope this helps.

yeah maybe i shouldn’t use it in the future but is it grave matter? i assumed not because it’s not actually Jesus’ name but when I said it I knew it was an abbreviation but thought it wasn’t grave matter.

I just want to be sure about receiving tomorrow.


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