Gender "before" and "after" the Resurrection


If we are to be raised bodily, and if we are going to do without sex after the resurrection, what is the point in having sexed, differentiated, sexual organs?

What has bothered Christians least of all throughout the entire history of the church is the issue of whether or not we are going to have any “sex life” in the Kingdom of God. Will we have any bodily life at all after our resurrection—however we understand resurrection?
One may object that there are matters of more serious dogmatic content. However, I think there is no more spiritual theme. It is both a theological and a philosophical issue, and every such issue is worthy of due respect and attention.


We shall be neutered… :confused::persevere:


The point is those are necessary for reproduction otherwise humans would go extinct. As for the glorified body, we do not know enough about what they consist of after the general resurrection.


I hold the exact opposite belief, in our sexuality, we will be made totally complete. (Whatever that is going to be)
We will be made as Adam and Eve, before the fall.


I surely dont have a definitive answer. Here is a short reflection, however.


I imagine it will be different for each. What is perfect for one person isn’t perfect for another.


First of all, none of us understand matter or human bodies as fully as their Creator understands them.

Second, we see that Jesus’ perfect resurrected body bears His wounds. He does not need them for a purpose anymore (or so it would seem to us). But He bears them as an honor and trophy. And as far as anyone has said (and it would have been noticeable), He did not forsake His genitalia, any more than He gave up eating and drinking. (Which activities strongly imply that He also went to the latrine.)

(Unless He was processing the food in a way that left no waste - some scientists are trying to improve feed for livestock to a reduction of waste point, but of course it is a quixotic quest to think that there would be no waste unless you did something very different and sci-fi.)

There are many Biblical passages and passages from the Fathers which imply that in eternal life, parts of the body that have been used for good, will be sources of happiness and honor for us, just as those in Hell will suffer more shame about parts they misused. Hands, feet, and tongues are often mentioned, just as in Jesus’ warning in the Gospel; but the genitalia are not forgotten.

Also, the way you are talking seems to say that either lifelong virgins of either sex are somehow less human, or that parents are wasting their efforts. The Church has never taught either alternative. Neither has she taught that there are no differences whatsoever between male and female, or that one’s sex is not an important gift from God. God created those differences. He harmonized them, and He created ways that we are all the same as well as all different. But this is by Him being Our Peace, not by obliterating us as individuals who are male or female. One’s sex is both a physical and a spiritual gift, and it will persist for all eternity.

Our Lady is Our Mother, and her breasts are blessed forever. Do you think they will disappear, or that she will become an it? Of course not. Not to be a woman would lessen her.

Finally, it is often said that our bodies will not be just appendages in eternal life; they will achieve their final fulfillment and become what they were meant by God to be. So it seems likely that there will be non-sexual but useful functions for genitalia, or that we will find out what the sexes become when they grow up. It is fun to speculate about, but I doubt we will find out until it is time for it to happen.

I hope these thoughts helped!


To glorify the bodies that we were given! Those made in the image and likeness of God.

And no, God does not have a body - that whole “image and likeness” thing is on the metaphysical level.

Honestly, in our rotten culture, you’d think that sexual organs and function are as critical as breathing. In some cases, they seem to be more critical.

I would much rather make myself a eunuch for the sake of the Kingdom of God.


This seems like a question pondered by those in their 20s, 30s, 40s.

Those in their 70s, 80s, 90s are probably wondering, will I be able to walk without a cane? Can I get rid of my dentures and have natural teeth? No more velcro shoes? Will there still be early bird specials?


And, “gender” applies to language, not to humans - yet another term which has been hijacked by the you know who. We reproduce sexually, not genderly.

Velcro shoes? Actually I want shoes that tie themselves at Alexa or Siri’s command. Maybe Bluetooth shoes so that I can upload the tie shoes app and use my phone to dress myself.


The hormones demand it!!


Are the “you know who’s” the linguists who showed that the term means the social role in our society according to language use?


‘Linguists’ in the manner of rapper Eminem being a “wordsmith.” He spoke of a “Whole new gender” (genre) of music…

The future looks bleak. At least it sounds bleak.


Language changes, it always has :blush: I’m sure you’ve misused a word or two in your life.


People have often misconscrewed my comments. (credit: Norm Crosby)

Have you watched Weird Al’s fake interview with Eminem on YouTube?

Hilarious. Forget evolution - we are experiencing devolution. DEVO was right.


I saw Weird Al perform it live when he did his Poodle Hat tour in Sydney :grin: it was fantastic.

But remember that while we may not like it people have been changing the way language works forever. Shakespeare flat out made words up.


Words must be made up as technology and human interaction changes. But, gutteral grunts are not not not an improvement. I think they were perfected in Quest for Fire, actually. Today’s obsession with being hooked on phonics is better than being hooked on heroin, but not by much.


What is and is not a linguistic improvement is a big topic. I love linguistics, so I’d be happy to discuss. But I’d say the general thesis is: language changes to fit how people use it, it fit their needs. And as it fits their needs it is an improvement for them.


Know what I’m sayin’


Heaven will be PERFECT! We won’t have need of ANY bodily functions as we have them today because we won’t have our bodies as we have them today. They will be glorified and in being so will be perfect. What we know as physical relations now won’t even be a concern because they won’t be needed in Heaven.

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