Gender Cross


Lately, I have been dealing with my gender cross. I don’t like to tell others about it, because I hate it when people worry over me, but, I figured, I might as well tell you guys about it, because, God will use it to console some souls (He is the Comforter!).

For as long as I can remember, I have had this gender cross. It is a desire to be a woman, and I don’t understand why I have it. Oh, I can think up plenty of reasons how I got it, but, I don’t understand why God has given me this cross. Nevertheless, I try to bear it patiently, by His grace.

Interests which accompany my little cross are: I like cute and adorable stuff, I like the color pink, I enjoy good fragrences, I sometimes read shojo (girl comics), and I love bubble baths.

Sometimes I will catch myself swinging my hips like a woman while a walk, like I’m trying (and failing) to be girly. Other times, I will shake my butt when I’m happy, which is weird, and I don’t know if that’s particularly girly.

Recently, I have been wondering if this is really a gender cross or an age cross, because, mentally, I am 12 years old (and chronologically I am 23), and I do have some childish interests too, like cartoons, acting silly, and mini-golf. Another reason I think it might be an age cross is because I prefer strong or big beautiful women, and I have a great love for Mother Mary.

I don’t fully understand my little cross, but I cherish it. It is God’s gift to me.

I ask you for your prayers, and advice, so I can bear my cross patiently and in accordance to God’s Will.


My dear friend

Forgive me for saying so but you are a peuliar character. I will pray for you as i have done so. i’m off to mass now and will remember you. you aren’t just trying to shock people or wake people up are you? You say some strange things mixed with very clever things you know? no offense meant friend.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


No offense taken. Remember the poor sinners and the souls in Purgatory at the Altar of God, as well. :slight_smile:

I just seek prayers and advice.


Let me appologize, in advance, for the levity. However, I cannot help it. I have always felt like a platypus.


As bizarre as it seems, I’m sure this thread is actually quite appreciated by the many other ‘Wong Fu’ sorts out there.

It’s not as weird as it sounds, really, but with all your cats, Wiccan girlfriends, and strangely pious platitudes, it just sounds…well…whatever. I’m sure you’ll earn a lot of friends with this one.

I’ll say a prayer for you.


What’s a platitude? :confused:


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