Gender dysphoria?

Do you believe that gender dysphoria is a real condition?

If so, how far should we go to respect those who suffer from it?

I have several friends with gender dysphoria. Usually they request to be referred to as “They” instead of “he” or “she”. Some of them have changed their names to fit their preferred gender.

In general, I support it. Gender dysphoria is a condition that has been studied and shown to exist by many psychologists. I even remember reading about why it happens, the brain development that leads to the mismatch between sex and gender. It doesn’t sound fun, either, and I kinda feel like the least I can do is refer to them with gender-neutral pronouns. I don’t necessarily support their decisions, but I can show respect for their condition.

The other day, I found a Facebook thread with a Evangelical Christian arguing against the existence of gender dysphoria and idk, I had to step in. So I went and I told him that while a religion can certainly say it’s wrong to dress or act like the opposite sex, it can’t erase the fact that there are some people who feel compelled to do so. Basically arguing with him in favor of respect for gender dysphoria. I don’t think I acted wrongly. If I had gender dysphoria, I would still accept the fact that I am female and I wouldn’t request to be treated like a boy or anything, but I would not want people erasing and de-legitimatizing my struggle. Kind of like homosexuality. The feelings are real and present, and although you shouldn’t act on them, it’s nice to have people around you who accept that the struggle you are facing is real.

Do you know what I mean? What do you think?

Edit: I’m not referring to transsex people who actually go through surgery to modify their bodies. I would never support that. Just transgender folks who prefer to dress and act and be treated a certain way to fit the gender they think they should have been assigned.

Transfendered individuals have been shown to have both male and female sexual organs, differences is hormonal balances, an early desire and interest in being the opposite sex (like by age 2 or younger) and to have differences in brain makeup or structure. I believe this is an actual physiological condition and that we are not free to assume they are sinning because of their drive to express their preferred gender.

We now know that medications, plastics and additive to our food supplies can contribute to this condition, so I am becoming a bit more, shall we say, confused, over those who don’t understand this than by those who are having issues with homosexuality and being transgendered. Perhaps if there is any sin involved, it is not with those so afflicted, but with those who help produce things that can cause it. (Farmers feeding animals growth hormones and other drugs for no other reason than to put fat on them, chemical engineers who create plastics, pharmaceutical companies who dump waste into the water and so on.)

I will let God be the judge, and I have no plans on mistreating, banishing, hating or otherwise disrespecting anyone who is dealing with these issues.

I’m just surprised you know several. I don’t think I’ve ever known one.


What you’re talking about is known as a hermaphrodite. Do you actually know of any human hermaphrodites? I mean well documented cases.

I was discussing this topic with one of my Doc’s several years ago. I asked him if in all his years as a Doc if he ever saw or met a true hermaphrodite? He finally said he did, but only once, and the person was a cadaver in his medical school. Judging from his age, he’s probably been a Doc 20 years, and he went to an Ivy League medical school. His point was this is one of the most rare birth disorders there is.

So you said “Transfendered individuals have been shown to have both male and female sexual organs”. How do you know this? Who has shown there are all the hermaphrodites you are saying there are?

I recently saw a 1 hour talk show on EWTN about this phenomena of Gender dysphoria. All the people who called in had children, some in their 20’s, who complain that they feel like God put them in the wrong body. No one said anything about having a child who is a hermaphrodite. One member of the panel was a priest. The show concluded with the panel agreeing that Gender dysphoria is an attack on humanity from the devil. People being confused about their gender is also an attack against the family. And the traditional family is a God given institution. Therefore, this is a very serious issue. Gender dysphoria is bad enough, but if we are suddenly having more hermaphrodites than in the recent past, the church needs to know. So what proof is there?

I think it’s a real disorder, but I disagree with the idea that treatment for it is to confuse the individual further by encouraging them in their delusion and demanding that all others participate in it.

My wife is has been a family doctor for 30 years. There are many rare medical conditions that a family doctor will see only once in their careers, or even not at all.

But a specialist working in that field will likely see more.

You also have to distinguish between a “true” hermaphrodite, and a pseudo-hermaphrodite. The former has an extra chromosome. The latter is either genetically male or female but had something go wrong during gestation so that the genitals did not form entirely correctly and may have characteristics of both sexes. The defects can range from, say for a male, minor defects such as hypospadias to complete androgen insensitivity where a genetic male develops the genitalia and outward sexual characteristics of a female.

These are very real, documented conditions, even if rare.

I agree. I think the devil whispers lots of things into a lot of peoples ears causing much confusion. The devil is verrrry clever and deceptive. He knows what he’s doing. :mad:

Yes, I think it is a real condition. I watched a niece grow up with this. She insisted she was a boy ever since she was 2 years old. It never waivered in any way.

I believe it is real, what i think though is that the way it is preached is that it can cause confusion in people who otherwise may not genuinely suffer from gender dysphoria

In more recent cases of gender dysphoria you often hear them say things along the lines of ‘oh im a boy and i like things like baking, the color pink and Britney Spears therefore i must really be a girl’. You know basing it off purely on liking things that are traditionally for ‘girls’.

Just because you like those things does not mean you are trapped in the wrong body or whatever and need a sex change. Its just that you have off-beat superficial interests that are break societal traditions.

I think that is what is dangerous about the whole movement. Watch this video of a prominent preacher of this issue for the current youth (she has nearly a million subscribers and millions of views so its definitely being spread)

They blame society for assigning genders to them at birth, where people with penises are expected to ‘act like men and have “male” interests’ and vice versa for girls. If you dont fit that role then you could possibly be suffering from gender dysphoria. Which is silly as those are societal influences as opposed to something innate and biological.

This arguement in that video is just ridiculous to spread

Ok so if your genitals dont determine gender identity, why would the clothes you wear or your interests determine your gender identity? Cant you simply be a boy who happens to like X things or a girl likes Y things regardless of whether it was traditionally for the opposite gender. To me when it is preached the way it is in that video, it seems more just a semantics issue than anything

Now if its something deeper than that on a biological/innate feeling, ie. you feel as though your body does not match what you are supposed to be regardless of your interests. Then yes i do believe those types exist but are even more rare.

I am slightly open to the possibility given that I’m familiar with various chromosomal disorders that could translate to someone being confused about their sex. The instances of physically-evident disorders like that are exceedingly rare, however, and nothing near the proportion of people who claim to be sex-confused. It doesn’t help that people get confused about modern aspects of sex roles. There are actual gender roles, and then there’s roles we’re still experimenting with. Girls liking pink and boys liking blue is completely modern. I like cooking and have an interest in home decor, but that doesn’t mean I want to be a woman. It just means I believe in self-reliance and like a home that looks simple, sturdy, and gracious.

The cooing attention given to alleged claims of dysphoria strikes me as nothing more than modern self-indulgence. We’re obsessed with being special.

God doesn’t make mistakes, if one was born a boy, then it was intended. Gender dysphoria is encouraged by people who have the mindset that we are the products of chance, that there is no creator, and we are forced to construct our own self. Its sartre’s ‘existence precedes essence’ in action. In other words it is purely atheistic and believers have to recognise it as a sickness, whether it be psychological, physiological or spiritual.

Obviously those suffering from it have to be treated with the utmost compassion and sensitivity, but it strikes me as a very juvenile attitude connected with immaturity and pubescence. How can we expect young people to determine their entire identity with so little life experience? It is up to parents to guide and nurture their children’s growth as persons, and provide a sense of security, well-being and purpose.

Keep smoking grass and you’ll get “gender dysphoria.” Marijuana is a phyto-estrogen, and can grow some bodacious breasts on males. Do we have “gender dysphoria” or rampant marijuana ingestion and estrogen from birth control pills all showing up in the drinking water? Why are we adapting our whole culture to a disease state and psychologizing toxins? ESTROGEN DOMINANCE is widespread and males today are afflicted with girly diseases like breast cancer because of estrogens, estrogens, estrogens! There are estrogens created inside the body by both genders with antibiotic use creating gut yeast/Candida that makes estrogen, and fat cells making their own estrogen; and plant estrogens like marijuana; and xeno-estrogens, things like DDT and BPA’s–still put in canned food liners! Xeno-estrogens, or “foreign estrogens” are NOT biodegradable so we’re inflicting our poison on all wildlife!

GET A GRIP! THIS IS A MEDICAL EMERGENCY! THIS IS NOT A TEST! Stomp the head of the snake and quit nibbling at the tail. We either clean up our act or we’re all going down together. With low sperm counts from ESTROGEN DOMINANCE, if the rate continues, the last man to father a child in America has already been born. Or we can indulge our narcissism and act like “gender dysphoria” is some kind of personal revelation that has nothing to do with our industrialized society poisoning itself… :wink:


This entire argument about gender mixup boils down to one thing.
Con GOD make a mistake?
Question settled.

How then do you explain cancer, heart disease, ALS, diabetes, congenital birth defects, and a list of other diseases, some hereditary, too long to list?

Boy oh boy! Yes!! Estrogen dominance is everywhere! You know what else is a sign of estrogen dominance? A big belly. It’s true. And you know what else is the problem? There is soy in just about everything. And soy imitates estrogen in the body as well. I try hard to limit my family’s exposure to all these xeno estrogens. I really think it’s behind a lot of women’s fertility problems as well. Too much estrogen means the body’s hormones are off balance and then they have too little progesterone. Not enough progesterone and you cannot sustain a pregnancy. My 4 sisters all have this problem.

Up until recently sexual attraction was a good proof of what you are. But ever since we legalized homosexuality this doesn’t work anymore neither. For example if I was supposed to be a female I’d be a lesbian. That’s unacceptable to me.

We are rapidly becoming a world that would make ancient Greece & Rome look moral. And that’s bad. I tend to think the world should split based on who accepts God, which makes homosexuality and trangenderism sin. And the others who accept these things, which are not of the Christian God.

The Church does not teach that homosexuality is a sin. Being homosexual is not a sin.

Well, maybe it doesn’t anymore, but when I was a kid it did.

But if I look at this historically, first homosexuality stopped being a sin. Now we have this transgender movement happening. It was the next logical step in what I think is Satan’s plan to destroy the society that God planned for mankind.

I’m 62 and a lot of this was caused by my generation. We wanted free sex, and we wanted legal abortions. None of us ever thought it would lead to this.

Is fornication and adultery still sins? I hope so.

The teaching has never changed. Sodomy and lust are sins associated with homosexuality, but a chaste man is a chaste man, whether or not he has felt an attraction toward other men.

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