Gender neutral language in God's praises

Happy Easter–He is Risen, alleluia, alleluia!!!

Today I did not attend the Traditional Latin Liturgy-- I attended Mass at my local Catholic Church with family. And although the Mass is beautiful no matter which Rite is being used for the celebration I was a bit taken aback today. This is the first non-Traditional Mass I have attended in a number of months now, and during Lent I always miss the “Gloria,” and I was very excited to be able to sing it today. Until the Cantor sang, “and peace to God’s people on earth.” I almost felt myself being jettisoned back into myself.

I was fully prepared to suffer through a non-prayerful atmosphere before Mass, knowing from experience that the Easter Liturgy is attended (thankfully, praise be to God!) by many who do not make it a habit to worship God weekly. But to have the Gloria–Scripture!–changed that way hurt me somehow.

Thanks be to God for Peter having given me a choice. I choose the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass celebrated without an agenda.

(note to moderator: I do not know if I am crossing a line with these thoughts of mine; I am aware of the rule against pitting one Rite against the other, and am hoping I have not violated it. If I have, accept my sincerest apologies, and please close this.)

I’m not sure if they did this at my local parish or not, however sisters was added to the confession at the beginning of Mass “I confess to you my brothers and SISTERS that I have sinned…” :frowning:


The addition of ‘sisters’ to “I confess to almighty God, and to you my brothers and sisters…” is a way old one for me. I have only ever known the Confiteor in English in this way.

“Brothers and sisters” for “brethren” isn’t too bad. The male embraces the female.
Avoiding the pronoun “His” for God the Father is more serious and denotes a heretical agenda.

We say that in our Mass “I confess to almighty God, and to you my brothers and sisters…” What is the problem? It’s written like that in the books we use to follow the Mass.

Why is the translation in error?


Originally (even in the NO I think) they just used “brothers”.


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