Gender pronouns in the workplace


We sure consider ourselves cutting edge at our universities for general coolness, strict adherence to the cultural fashion du jour, and confusion.


You just build a different signature block for each evolving state of your being. Then just click what you feel like for the day. Duh.


But what if I feel a sudden transgender about to happen that will zap me from female? I know when the transgender happens, the pansexuality is a mere moment away. How do I reflect my diversity?


It grates on you that’s for sure. My dad gave me a feminine sounding name, then ran out on us when I was three. I got in a lot of fights growing up because of it and swore I was gonna get even with him. The worst was when the girls would snicker. Anyway one weekend I was in Gatlinburg and went into a bar for lunch; what do you know, my dad was in there drinking beer. I started fuming, watching him sit there enjoying himself after having ruined my life, then I yelled out that I was gonna kill him. We started fighting and beat the snot out of each other. When it was over and he gave up he told me he gave me my name to make me toughen up since he wasn’t planning on sticking around, which oddly kind of made sense, and I came away with a different point of view. Still, if I ever have a son I’m gonna make sure I name him William or George or anything else manly!


Include the ones you’re using today.

That’s why gender inclusive restrooms were invented. (And they’re not as silly as they sound. What happens when Dad has to help a little girl use the restroom or Mom has to help a little boy? What happens when a disabled person has an attendant of the opposite sex? There are real-life situations where this is an issue).

Our latest sexual harassment training included the idea that you shouldn’t tell someone “that man over there wants to talk with you,” but instead you should say something like “the person in the green shirt wants to talk with you.”

A certain amount of this is being PC. And a certain amount of it is the golden rule: treat people with respect.


Then perhaps you want to use they/their/them.

There’s always an answer.



You win the Interwebs today.


What is the “gender pronoun” system at work?


This to me sounds crazy. And I am one of the most liberal persons you will find.


Its complete lunacy.


Ha ha. I used to be able to sing every word of A Boy Named Sue!


I couldn’t agree more.

Thankfully, I have not faced anything like this. It would never even have occurred to me that an employer would ask for this.

Having said that, I don’t think you are doing anything morally wrong if you cooperate, by providing your own preferred pronouns. But I understand that you may not want to go along with such an odd request.


Is this a true story, or have you been listening to a certain Johnny Cash song? :slight_smile:


And at my son’s Catholic university as well.


Ahh, but this has nothing to do with confusing male and female. It is entirely about “other”. It is nothing more or less than replacing crimethink with goodthink.

his lordship/his lordship’s/his lordship


We sign people up for workshops and events and have to ask them their preferred pronoun.
Catholic school.
Maybe we should just all be Pat.


Yes, your Rose Smith example is exactly the method we’re being encouraged to follow.


On whose say-so?


It puts a whole new twist on the term “adulting”, doesn’t it?



I am one of the most liberal people around. I find this completely ridiculous. I laughed when I read it. I work in a liberal environment, too, and have not yet experienced this.

I guess I think it is ridiculous because I don’t know what it is supposed to achieve or accomplish. I am 100 percent pro-LGBTQ. I am scratching my head though. I don’t get it.

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