Gender pronouns in the workplace


This is great.

I’m signing mine

Pup7, Lady of the Manor
Duchess of Creation

I’d get so fired…

Oh, things are suddenly so much more sane here in the tentacles of the DOD…


HR, of course. Under direction of the president.


They/Them, while grammatically insane, is the most simple thing.


If it’s only about the workplace, i’m glad I don’t have a job!




Love this too.


If I used those, I would expect to hear a great “Fap!” from the sky just as Fr. McFadden struck me with a lightning bolt, which would certainly have a hint of the green ink he used to expend on my papers . . .



What is this thread about?


Gender pronouns.

Did I just miss a joke? :laughing::laughing::laughing: I’ve had a long day so go easy on me if I did LOL.


I mean what are people trying to change in the workplace, etc?


You could always write something like:

Pronouns: this, is, silly.


Are people saying for example, “What’s your name?”. And you have to answer, “My name is she”?


The radical fringe of LGBTZYX supporters are trying to control how we think by forcing us to use words that, by their use, implicitly concede that gender is whatever someone wants its gender to be that day. It is lifted straight out of 1984 and its newthink.



The first time I saw a he/his/him in someone’s signature I commented on it to a co-worker. His take was that maybe the he/his/him guy was actually a grammar Nazi and was tired of being referred to as “they.” :slight_smile:


To allow people to be any gender they choose.
I suspect new pronouns will be invented soon.
I noted today that a building I was in had a bathroom sign: All Gender Restroom.


The OP said that she’s being required to include her pronouns in her work email signature - like how she wants to be addressed (as she/her/hers or whatever).

Craziness. The rest of us are sort of going off the rails with it because it’s so absurd.

What’s scary is others are saying they’re being required to do the same thing.


Well, they’re not going to see me in there!


Hmmm… People refer to me as “It”… :thinking:


Well, here in Seattle they have separate single potties that anyone can use - not group bathrooms, single ones, which don’t bother me because it makes it easier to actually use a restroom.

Even as a military member I draw the line at group open gender potties, and yes - I realize I’ve sat in a stall next to transgendered folks and that’s not my issue. What I don’t know won’t hurt me, but I’d be uncomfortable if I saw a man enter my bathroom. Especially here in the States with all the gaps under the doors (which I’ve had to get used to again because they’re not like that in Asia, and it was great).


No one in my world seems to see the craziness of all this. I just don’t get it. All in the name of our new religion, Diversity. It demands allegiance, above all, to speaking correctly.

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