Gender pronouns in the workplace


That would’ve been a better way of explaining it. LOL sorry. :slight_smile: I was picturing it while I was trying to explain it and didn’t think of “like you have at home but without the shower”. :laughing::laughing:


Apparently she was named after some important relative. Her sister’s name was Alberta also named after some important relative, but at least they made her name feminine.

Sister Robert Lee was a mean woman. I know that much! I used to be afraid of her.


I work for the Church, so I don’t find a high demand for PGP use. However, in the last few years I have attended workshops and meetings (non church based) where there has been a request for PGP’s for discussion purposes. I stay in the safe territory of plural pronouns and individual names. I really don’t think it’s that much of a big deal. When in Rome, do as the Romans. It’s being courteous and polite.


I had an aunt named Billie and another named Edna Earl.

Guess I should mind my own glass house. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Lord have Mercy. It’s like it’s a big joke that is being played on everyone. Except it’s not a joke.


And I have an aunt named Willie Emma! :rofl::rofl:

I don’t know how these women ever survived without gendered pronoun email signatures! :roll_eyes:


The irony of all this is that the economy is getting better, but now you have to look online to see which companies a still traditional!


I’d say “We,” as in “We are not amused.”

Or “Herself.” That works, too.

Whatever you do, be sure to capitalize it.


Seems like a steaming pile of … well you get the picture.


I bet she was a rebel child growing up.


Unfortunately the trade off I’ve seen in Asia is they don’t really believe in toilets. You get two foot pads and a hole, unless you can find the toilet labeled “western”.


Hey don’t judge, you can spell things whatever way you want! Not to mention the pronoun or additional name of your choice!

YOU get your own pronoun . . . YOU get your own pronoun . . .everyone gets “their” own pronoun!


Since a lot of this is happening in academia, the title is Dr. So you still don’t know if you’re dealing with a man or woman.


Typical email signature:

Dr. Pat Doe
Professor of Interdisciplinary Something or Other
Diversity is Us Formerly Catholic University
Anywhere, USA


There is no such thing as “preferred gender pronouns,” any more than there is a “preferred blood type” independent of one’s antigens. Humor it not. Be better than that.


Coming soon to your fair city.


Depends on where you are.

Those toilets are more rare in Korea than they used to be. Seoul got dragged into the 20th century by the 1988 Olympics.


This is genius and I enjoyed the LOL.

The sad thing is it’s almost accurate.


If you were my future employer, and asked what I wanted to be called, i’d say, “just refer to me as Miss”. These days miss is sounding pretty good; the maam years have been around for some time now!


Ma’am is akin to an insult here in the frozen north. No one uses it. I do like Miss.

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