Gender pronouns in the workplace


When we were dating, we went out to dinner with my wife’s younger sister and her husband and a friend of hers and her husband.

He carded the sister, carded the friend, and turned to my wife and asked, “What would you like to drink ma’am?”

She still hasn’t quite calmed down over that, thirty years later: “I am not a ma’am!



I am “ma’am” to most of the Air Force, sadly enough. Still freaks me out.


Baloney, I’m an O+ but always felt like a B- ! I don’t care about compatibility, pump it in, Doc!!


Yeah, no one wants to feel old: but being 60, I guess the days of being called “miss” are over.


I got called “miss” and “young lady” a couple of weeks ago.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or be annoyed. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Literally didn’t know this woman - who couldn’t have been more than ten years my senior - was actually talking to me. She almost passed out after she asked for my ID with my credit card.


Some words that women would consider harassment- hon, honey, sweety, etc. I’ll accept any time.


I cannot stand “hon”. The rest? I was raised in the south and hung out with Yankee cousins. I don’t worry about the rest of it. As long as my name is right on my paycheck…:smile:

“Ma’am” at work probably still weirds me out because I’m called that due to my rank. I am a former enlisted member. I still am weirded out when they stand up when I walk in a room. I think - who the h&#% just walked in behind me? :laughing::laughing::laughing:


I’m hemp-fluid.



Don’t you mean We/Us/Our? :wink:


I’m O- and have superior bloodwork! $500 a unit if you’re interested.



Very good point. I got nuthin.


I just had a very good idea :bulb: ! We should require gendered pronouns be added to our CAF profiles. All these gender-ambiguous usernames are making me uncomfortable!

dodges tomatoes :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato:


This expectation to do more than just tolerate others’ lifestyles but to actually conform or perish terrifies me. I’m only 30 so I still have quite a bit of time until I retire and I have no idea how much crazier this stuff is going to get. I don’t have any beef with transgendered people and I usually will call you however you prefer to be called, but sometimes I may still slip, especially the further we get away from the actual dichotomy in gender. You want me to call refer to you as him instead of her? I could do that. I don’t think I’d be able to name a single one of the made up pronouns that are fashionable today even if I stood to win money on a gameshow.


No! I haven’t been here long but I’ve already expended the time and effort to assign a gender to each and every one of you according to my own biases about your avatars. Do not spoil this for me! :rage:


I think you mean flap.


Check your biases, AlbertDerGrosse.



I have five years to go.

Five years. I just hope the DOD can stave off the insanity until then…

Five. Short. Little. Years.

I mean, I’ll have to work somewhere, but I’ll be in the enviable position of being able to be as selective as I like.


I may have to adopt an accent and pull a Rachel Dolezal, claim to be transracial, and insist that any pronoun abuse isn’t intentional but a consequence of my identity as a person for whom English isn’t a first language (and you have to respect that identity).


The best policy is to speak to no one.


Did you read the rest of the note? “I’d be happy with you to discuss…”

Either English isn’t his first language or he doesn’t do a final edit before he hits “send.”

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