Gender pronouns in the workplace


If you’re in Australia, male to male is ‘Cheers, mate’ ot ‘Thanks, buddy’ whatever the ages. When I’m in the US I just can’t get used to being called ‘sir’ by everyone. Even guys around the same age as me. And my wife is not entirely OK with being referred to as ma’am.


I think most companies remain traditional but will go along with this transgender nonsense because they’re afraid of being sued or labelled as bigoted.


That’s really it. And after awhile, maybe even the transgender people will call it quits to this.


I know a girl called Frankie.


Mate is also use neutrally.


They/them is usually accepted by gender nonconforming folks.


The only time I heard of a girl named Frankie, was from the book, “the member of the Wedding”. She was a young tomboy and grew out of it.


I find that so funny. Ma’am is any woman slightly older than you personally or with any modicum of authority in the Southeast. And by authority I mean, the hairdresser cutting your hair is “yes ma’am”. The 16yr old babysitter is ma’am or “Miss Ashley” to the kids. Basically any woman who isn’t a close peer or your sister is “ma’am”.

So seeing a woman get upset at being called ma’am is like seeing her get upset that she is being treated respectfully!


This sounds nutty. But it could be addressing a very small problem brought about one of the earlier movements towards radical, atomic individualism.

When I was a kid everyone was Mr, Mrs, or Ms. Elders, superiors, and strangers were given respect by using these titles. But when I entered the workplace the idea of proper order was being abandoned. So now you referred to everyone by his first name. The titles disappeared. So it was possible to not know if someone was a man or woman if his name was Ashley, Kim or other names that both sexes are given.

I could see this as a way to clear things up in the modern mess. But that isn’t the reason. The reason is to further push the you can make up your sex ideology.


We’re making ourselves too important with all this


Is Jan a transgender?


You must have looked younger. And when people ask my age these days-60- and they say, “you don’t look it” don’t be too confident and say thank you.


I would reply to your bosses:
Her Majesty/ Her Majesty’s :wink:


Now that would be funny. You could put “Preferred Pronouns: I, Me, Mine.” Or if you wanted to be a bit more obscure, then put “Preferred Pronouns:


I can’t believe this is happening.
I’m sorry.



Nope. Not at all. He is from Check Republic, and that name is more common.


In my area that wouldn’t be the case. It’s more male oriented. That said, there isn’t a generally used female equivalent. Although I have found that ‘girl’ is quite common these days if you know the female reasonably well. As in ‘Thanks, girl’.


If you’re in the South, that’s obligatory. We’d get a pop to the head if we didn’t say “yes sir” “yes ma’am”.

It’s cultural down there. Nothing is meant by it. We consider it polite.


I just looked up a list of pronouns. My preferred pronoun is “several”. “Anything” isn’t bad either.


Oh, I know. It’s a blessing (I do look far younger than just two days shy of 45 - that picture is current, LOL). But it’s also a curse. Not in this case - but even my husband has commented that he’s noticed I sometimes am treated far younger than I am. I’m no judge of age so I try to speak to everyone the same.

I just hadn’t been called that in so long it basically startled me. I was like - who is she talking to? LOL that’s me. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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