Geneology of the Holy Churches of God

I thought this might be a helpful tool.

That is very nice. A helpful resource - thanks.

I wonder why the Maronite is not listed as extending from W. Syriac

Good question. Another question is where does this flowchart come from?

The Maronite Church does stem (in part, at least) from Edessa, but so, too, do all the West Syriac Churches (again, at least in part). The “Edessa connection” is precisely the reason for the shared patrimony (what I often call the “common roots”) of the East and West Syriac Churches.

If there are things you notice that are left off, please ad them. I am not certain of where the chart originated. We use it during our food festival to help people understand the development of the liturgy, I see I missed that word in the title.

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