General Absolution offered in Lent and Advent annually; what do I do?

Our pastor offers two penance services annually, once in Advent and again during Lent. These include General Absolution.

When asked about this not supposed to be done except in cases of emergency, he stated that he “I will continue to do it because there are people who will not step foot inside a confessional and I don’t believe Jesus would turn them away. We are not making a provision for those will will not go into a traditional confessional to experience God’s grace and mercy.” He is adamant on this point, saying, "This is an area where the theology of reconciliation conflicts with (Canon) Law and “pastoral need is more important than Canon Law.”
Parishioners feel confused when our pastor selects what about Canon Law he will and will not follow.
I think my next step is writing the Archbishop?

Thanks for any insights.

Dear friend,

The latter would be the appropriate thing to do. You are in our prayers.

Fr. VIncent Serpa, O.P.

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