General book on spirituality?


I’m not really sure quite what I’m looking for… I’ve done some googling, but I haven’t quite found what I want

I’m looking for kinda a general book on spirituality… growing in your relationship with God, etc. Something packed with info that can easily be applied to your life. ish. Preferring not to hard to read, or I’ll get halfway through and stop. :o

My relationship with God’s been dwindling for a few months here, and I figured studying & applying a book like this may help. Part of my prob is I don’t know understand how to have a relationship with God. At least not beyond what I learned in my catholic school education and youth group retreats.:frowning:

Thanks for any & all recommendations!


Since we must pray in order to have a relationship with God, I recommend this little book by Peter Kreeft, which you can read much of online:

Prayer for Beginners


o sweet! and it’s online. thanks!


Father Thomas Dubay has written an easy to read book about prayer called, “Prayer Primer - Uniting a Fire Within”

Here’s a link

Also, for inspiration, you might want to pick up a book about one of the saints that interests you. When I am struggling, I am always inspired to read about the lives of those who have been so close to God.

God bless.



That’s another good one - also available for preview on google books:

Prayer Primer: Igniting a Fire Within


One that I really like and have found helpful is No Man is an Island by Thomas Merton. It’s very deep but not that hard to read, and I seem to find more in it each time I pick it up. Also, The Screwtape Letters by C.S Lewis might be worth a read. Lewis seems to have a knack for elucidating little faults we all have that we might not notice in ourselves.


*Guide to a Devout Life *by St Francis de Sales. The beginning sections are like a retreat that you can follow by reading and praying as he directs. The later sections are very practical advice on how to life as a Christian in the world. Of course the book was written hundreds of years ago, but everything is perfectly applicable to life today. There is even advice on how to dress, behave at parties, act at work, everything!


Also available online - in its entirety. :smiley:

Introduction to the Devout Life


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