General Confession

Hi everyone, i just recently made a good general confession and afterwards i felt great, but a few hours later i realised that i should have confessed a big mortal sin but i didn’t because i was contempt that it was forgiven because i confessed it in a previous confession; which i now think may have been invalid for reasons of my own.

My question- is it ok or highly disrespectful to God if i go and make another general confession with all the same sins but this time mention my mortal sin. I understand now that if a mortal sin is left out (even though i believed it was forgiven; i should have said it) that all other sins that i say are unforgiven. So now i feel i need to write my list out again and make another general confession to give me peace of mind. Is this unacceptable/sin? or is it good?

ps. thanks to everyone who contributed to my previous posts. Very grateful

My dear friend

In your situation it’s best to be safe all the way. I would just confess that one sin and mention to your confessor you forgot to add it to the list in your general confession recently. Don’t go to holy communion until confessed.

May God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:

Why would you need to confess it again, if you already confessed the sin and were previously absolved? I don’t think we need to confess the same sins, since that is questioning whether or not Jesus really forgave it the first time. This sounds like being re-baptized.


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