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I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, and I wish you all a happy Advent. I just had a quick question here as we get the holiday season under way:

I suffer from scrupulosity, which has gotten me into a lot of trouble with private vows. I spoke with my pastor and communicated my situation to him. As a result, he granted me a dispensation both from the private vows I enumerated to him and also from all the private vows I had ever made.

Is it within his authority to do that? Seeing that it is in my nature to question everything, I may be worried about nothing. I plan on seeking help to ensure I don’t land myself in such a predicament again. Getting started is the hardest part, though, and it’s worries like these that make it so difficult. Is there anyone out there who might be able to answer me?

Two of Clubs

I used to teach this as a professor…as well as dealing with it pastorally as a priest…so I am happy to provide the answer: Yes.

And before you ask…here is the text of the canon itself in so far as it concerns you and your situation:
*Can. 1196 In addition to the Roman Pontiff, the following can dispense from private vows /…/:

1/ the local ordinary and the pastor with regard to all their subjects and even travelers.*
I hope you find a good and pastoral priest or other spiritual director who can help you overcome the issue of scrupulosity. I know it is a difficult ordeal. I assure you of my prayers. God bless you.

What a good and wise post. Succinct and to the point leading to the heart of the issue and giving authority sufficient to reassure even the most scrupulous as well as being generous in spirit. May the grace of your response return to you.

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