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Election 2016 Clinton Trump Spread
RCP Poll Average 48.6 42.1 Clinton +6.5Trending Down
4-Way RCP Average 45.3 39.1 Clinton +6.2Trending Down


We got our mail in ballots today. So some of us are already voting.


I mailed mine in on the 11th and tracked it online to assure it was received. It was.


I already voted Trump.


Early voting could point to a Hillary Clinton victory well before Nov. 8. Record numbers of people are expected to cast their votes early. So many Americans will have voted by Election Day — more than 40 percent in swing states, that the winner could be all but settled before November.


Pope Francis’s statement on voting upsets me. As we are the children of God’s presence on this earth and we are to be Jesus in this darkness, until Roe vs Wade is reversed, we do not put the banner down.
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Do we think God worries about our economy or what financial situation we live in.
Let me rephrase that. Yes, He does. And He can handle more problems than one at a time. But, the life of the innocent will be a first priority for God. There is enough information out there on birth control, that an unwanted pregnancy doesn’t happen. If I chose to sin w premarital sex, condoms are allowed per Pope Benedict to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. The church noticed our commitment to purity and celibacy isn’t going so well. As married couples, we can’t be 100% sure of fidelity. And God forbid, another woman was our concerns. Now, it could be a man! Since the Zika virus came w the mosquito, women whoCan get pregnant are allowed to use birth control/Pope Francis.
Abortion never should be used for birth control. Rape=go to ER AND get morning after pill. If a sperm married an egg, it probably didn’t divide except for a few divisions. It takes 2 weeks for the dividing cells to form a morula. Just a bunch of bubble looking cells in a ball shape that makes it to the Uterus and attaches to the endometrium. There, it forms the small embryo or zygote. By the third week,
The baby w it’s own DNA, has developed a tube that will be it’s heart and it starts beating. The rest of the time God is organizing the brain, spinal cord and
The nubs that will be arms and legs. By 3 months, the zygote is a full fledged embryo. In another month (4 mo) it is a fetus. Looks human, heart beating.
I held such a baby that the mom miscarried in my hand… It had long arms and legs. It is easier to say it because saying he/she takes longer. I think the baby was a she. Breathing, wiggling. Lungs not mature enough to survive. So, I wrapped her in a little wash cloth and held. her till she took her last breath. This was before NICU’S. Even, then, she weighed less than a pound. If her Mom had wanted an abortion, she would have been dismembered or the Mom would have been given a heavy, concentrated saline injected into her womb. This gives third degree burns to the baby. Somewhere, the Mom vaginally discharges the baby or w the dismembering, the doc will suck the remains out.
Late term, after 6 months, the baby can live=have a C-SECTION and place the baby up for adoption. There’s no need to kill a baby, if the mother’s health is in danger in late term. READ,“I WILL CARRY YOU” by Angie Smith. She is Michael Smith’s wife. He is the Christian music writer and performer. ,
in Christ’s love


Salutations, continued,
We need closed borders. Mexico has a fenced border on the south part. So, why do they resist a fence on the North side. This new heroin is killing our kids.
We need to get a handle on the people coming into our country. Send criminal illegals back to their prisons. We have overcrowding and it costs money for each inmate. AFTER THOSE TWO THINGS ARE DONE, TRUMP W ADVISORS WILL FIGURE OUT THE REMAINING ILLEGALS. I HAVE BEEN EMAILING ERIC.
Not that will be noticed??? My feelings are he can’t send working illegals back. Our agricultural system would break down. Send them to their embassy here.
Give them green card. They have to pay fine. Say $50.00/yr. Make a payment plan. Unemployed illegals have to go back for 2 yrs and return w a sponsor and a job. Citizenship in 5 yrs. We have to watch for terrorists.
All the moderate Arabs and their organizations and Ayatollahs must call a Fatwa.
That is an order for all good .muslims to police their communities for terrorists.
Koran law states,“IF ANY MUSLIM BEHAVES IN A WAY TO MAKE OTHERS NOT RESPECT ISLAM. WHERE THEY WOULD NOT CONVERT TO ISLAM, THEY MUST BE DISCIPLINED.” Cooperation w the Islamic community has been essential and not received. When we sort out home grown ISIS. Then we can take refugees. Those have to be vetted!, We have 10,000 refugees. From what I understand, they are all Muslim. Whose heads were removed. Who was being crucified? Whose children were being buried alive? Surely, they had to bring in Syrian Christians. The vetting form looks like a kindergarten diploma. It has their name and assigned number. I think it has the country of origin.
No passports. They get free housing, medical care
Education and a stipend each month. We still have homeless vets and people in our streets.
Our military are working w vehicles that are cannalbilised. Our military needs build up.
The Iran deal. Are there any gold ingots left in Ft. Knox? The money couldn’t be a bank transfer!!!
Pallets of bills to equal 8 billion dollars. So, we get 3 hostages back. Then, they find 3 more. They will arm their troops who are fighting ISIS and our rebels and Kurds. They want Assad in, like Russia. What a mess. Thanks Obama, Kerry and Hillary. The day after they got money=“DEATH TO AMERICA AND ISRAEL” rally in streets.
Trump came down from his tower for love of his country. He was young w first bankruptcy and tax laws let him not pay federal taxes for a long time. He still is paying FICA and Disability insurance fees.
His bankruptcy had to be the one where all workers get a partial payment because the other one takes everything. NO TRUMP TOWER.
He’s sent trucks of food, water, clothes and toys ; (which the parents needed.) to Fla and NC. No photo ops. He paid for the primaries w his money. He is not obligated to Wallstreet or lobbyists.
“if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”
Unless, you come from the two infiltrated groups backed by George Soros, Catholics United and Catholics Allegiance for good??? Forgot last word. Please vote for Trump. The military and Fraternities talk like Trump did. In the 1950’s my Dad and Uncle would slap their wives butts and maybe switched which but was slapped. They did this other disgusting thing w their thumbs through their wife’s clothing. No switching here. Trump has power and his fraternity thinking stayed w him. Meeting people in the street, is opening his spirit to different kinds of beauty. Many prayers are offered for him. Believe in God working through Trump. It takes longer than 4 min to get the three people to push the button. He knows the damage from a nuclear cloud.
Yes, God help us. Research:CLINTON CRIMES IN ARKANSAS.
May God continue the work you have started in Trump. Open our eyes and Spirits to your will. Let us not forget the leak concerning the Evangelicals and Catholics or how we are classified in food groups.
in Christ’s love,


Although I severely dislike the choices, we are left with a realistic choice of the two. I like the poster in another thread who reminded us that God works through flawed instruments… Jacob, even Peter come to mind.

For a while I was going to write in Barry Goldwater, under the theory that if we can have dead voters, well, then why not… But that won’t help. Sigh.

Can’t vote in conscious for Hillary, so that leaves…



Doesn’t really matter…the election was determined mid day on Friday 7 October. Even Donald Trump can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube.


I’m not convinced of that given you’re comments tend to trend anti-Trump so you had already made up your mind about him prior to the incident. As someone who was undecided until recently (I’m going with Trump), the words of someone on the fence would carry more weight.

The election could still go either way. There’s still a few weeks before Election Day.


For some, this is undoubtedly true. But it is not yet certain the American public is ready to count verbal boorishness to be more important than a bad economy and worse foreign policy.


Unfortunately we left reason behind a while ago. Most people don’t care about policy, but simply vote based on emotions. Most voters are completely uninformed and only look to the 10 second sound bite they hear on the TV. This campaign is all about sound bites and giving a sympathetic sob story. There is nothing about policy… well except one side who has a policy to “stop the war on women”, but that is not a policy but an appeal to emotions too.


What about immigration? Isn’t that a policy difference?


As far as I was aware, Trump doesn’t even possess a coherent economic or foreign policy plan - other than “Obamacare is bad and we need some tax cuts” and “ISIS is bad, Russia is so smart, Hillary caused ISIS, we need to knock the hell out of ISIS and NATO allies rob us, everybody robs us”. That’s basically the way he talks over…and over…and over again.



IMO many if not most voters are given an overload of useless information about the two major candidates and not enough of the minor ones. The system is rigged alright, giving free time to anyone who makes noise.


I can’t help but think that those voting for Hillary Clinton would be doing so regardless of who got the Republican nomination.


Except most have never really heard much about their actual policies. We hear a sound bite about how they are different followed by 5 times as much about how their opponent 's plan is horrible. Their is very little substance followed by huge emotional appeals about “families being ripped apart” or “everyone you let is will blow up a building”. We need to fix immigration not simply ignore the problem through inaction or complete isolationist policies.

I’d agree. The problem is where to draw the line. Personally I think to be on the ballot there should be a comprehensive policy covering 5 or 6 key areas. We have one guy running on the “Nutrition Party” who just wants to talk about how we need a comprehensive policy on food. Nothing else but his pet policy. Those are candidates I don’t think we need to hear from. Some have no foreign or domestic policy so that should remove them also.

In the end though it doesn’t really matter. The majority of people I know can only name 1 or 2 parts of a parties plank and then look for a D or an R regardless if they know anything about them.


Early voting starts Monday here. I’ll be casting my vote for Clinton. Amazingly, she might have a shot in my state of Texas. It is far from locked down for Trump.


Yes but it’s a very complex problem. The Senate couldn’t make heads or tails out of it. America needs immigration; otherwise its population declines. Families are indeed important. Those born here of undocumented parents are probably the best to be assimilated into the American culture. Let’s face it most over 30 aren’t going to learn the English language well enough to survive here but their children may help them.

And I speak from experience.

And not to worry about those who refuse to learn English or Spanish. They will probably deport themselves.


Don’t know who I’ll vote for other than

It will not be Hillary.

Given all the evidence of the actions she and her supporters have taken, and the FBI’s conduct in their ‘investigation’. I can’t vote for her, I just can’t have my vote condoning that for any politician, much less the president.

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