General Judgement

Where is general judgement going to take place? Is it going to be here on earth? Are the souls in hell going to come out of hell to receive their general judgement? Im under the impression that souls in hell can not come out of hell.

I think Jesus is going to judge everyone in front of the whole universe. The good and bad.

I’m guessing it’ll take place on earth.

I also tend to believe it’ll take place on earth. My problem is… can the souls in hell come out of hell and be here on earth to receive their general judgement? I thought souls in hell can not come out of hell. Thanks

I think so. I mean technically the souls in heaven aren’t supposed to leave but I think they will come down to be judged.

Thank you and Merry Christmas to you

Souls in Heaven and hell have already been judged.

we are in error if we think of these things by our
earthly measurement of time.

Those in Purgatory that you pray for, they have been judged.

When we leave this life we have instant knowledge of all things,
and you arrive at the general Judgment with all others, regardless
of when we walked the earth.
those in hell were not released to be next to you.
they are yet to be judged.

"THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE " I hear you say.
It’s not that hard to understand.
Take what I am writing to you now.
It is 7:25 pm Christmas Eve 2014 here in Australia.
You are reading it hours before I wrote it.
that is if we try to line up earthly time.
to a child this too would seem impossible,

But up their in the supernatural realms
all things are possible.
even though we children
of God and don’t yet understand it ourselves.

Mary Christ Mass
you lovely souls
see you at the judgement
I’ll be the one who looks like this, take your pick.

Merry Christmas. ill look for u at judgement :slight_smile:

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