General Tso's chicken inventor dies at 98


It’s been a rough week for food pioneers. First the creator of the Big Mac passed away, and now General Tso’s chicken inventor Peng Chang-kuei died at age 98, reports Taiwan News.

RIP, Mr. Peng. I thought General Tso’s chicken was created by Chinese-American in order to lure Americans into eating Chinese food.


I LOVE his creation! I never knew about the anti-Communist roots of the dish. It just adds to the enjoyment. I am going to have to enjoy some General Tso’s chicken very soon.


Praying for the repose of his soul & for his family.



Hmm. Maybe I should get some in his honor.


I pray he is in a place not quite so hot as his dish.


I love it too. A Chinese buffet that does not have it will not get a second visit from me.


I visited Rice and Soy this morning, and I have some awaiting me in the kitchen. It’s going to be my lunch and dinner.


I wonder if the Colonel will attend the funeral? :slight_smile:


Arguably my favorite dish in Chinese food which I get extra spicy except on days I want a lower calorie dish. Gen Tso’s is not at all a good choice in that regard. But may its creator RIP.


May he rest in peace. He had a long life and now that I know more about it, I will eat more of that General Tso’s chicken! Made “mild” for me and I just love it!

Praying for the repose of his soul, for his Family, those who love him, and prayer of Apology and Thanksgiving because of all the blessings the world has had through him and our forgetfulness to say “thank You” :wink: :slight_smile:

Act of Hope and Confidence in God
St. Claude de la Colombiere
My God,
I believe most firmly that You watch over all who hope in You,
and that we can want for nothing when we rely upon You in all things.
Therefore I am resolved for the future…to cast all my cares upon You.
People may deprive me of worldly goods and status.
Sickness may take from me my strength and the means of serving You.
I may even jeopardize our relationship by sin, but my trust shall never leave me.
I will preserve it to the last moment of my life, and the powers of hell shall seek
…… in vain to grab it from me.
Let others seek happiness in their wealth and in their talents.
Let them trust in the purity of their lives,
the severity of their mortifications,
in the number of their good works,
the enthusiasm of their prayers,
as for me, my Rock and my Refuge, my confidence in you fills me with hope.
For You, my Divine Protector, alone have settled me in hope.
“This confidence can never be vain. No one, who has hoped in God, has
…… ever been confounded.”
I am assured, therefore, of my eternal happiness,
…… for I firmly hope in it and all my hope is in You.
“In You, O loving God, have I hoped: let me never be confounded.”
I know too well that I am weak and changeable. I know the power of
…… temptation against the strongest virtue.
I have seen stars fall and foundations of my world crack;
…… these things do not alarm me.
While I hope in You, I am sheltered from all misfortune,
…… and I am sure that my trust shall endure,
…… for I rely upon You to sustain this unfailing hope.
Finally, I know that my confidence cannot exceed Your generosity, and that I
…… shall never receive less than I have hoped for from You.
Therefore I hope that You will sustain me against my evil inclinations,
…… that You will protect me against the deceitful attacks of the evil one,
…… and that You will cause my weakness to triumph over every hostile force.
I hope that You will never cease to love me and that I shall love You unceasingly.
“In You, O loving God, have I hoped: let me never be confounded.”

St Claude de la Colombiere, pray for us!

Apology and Thanksgiving Prayer
Heavenly Father,
Creator of all and source of all goodness and love,
please look kindly upon us,
as we ask for forgiveness for not giving You thanks.
Please receive our heartfelt apology for the lack of gratitude.
Remind us at all times that You are always worthy of our thanks.

Thank You, Heavenly Father,
for all the graces and blessings
You have bestowed upon us:
our faith and religious heritage;
the Priests who bring us the Sacraments;
our life, food and shelter;
our health, the love we have for one another;
our Police Officers and Firefighters who keep us safe;
our Soldiers and Veterans who fight and fought for our Country;
our family and friends.
Thank You for the people You so generously send us;
…everything You grant us
…and of which we are not even aware.
Dear Father, in Your infinite generosity, please grant us the grace of having
…less “give me” and more gratitude throughout the coming
…years so that we may be aware that anything from You is good
…for You turn the “bad” into blessings for us.
Please Lord, grant us the grace of not forgetting that we can thank You
…over and over again for the same gift – and if we
…forget, may our Guardian Angel remind us.
Thank You, Lord.
I Love You, Lord.
Amen… …by Luz María

Hail Mary,
full of grace,
the Lord is with Thee,
blessed are Thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of Thy womb,

Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.

Let Nothing Disturb You
Let nothing disturb you,
Let nothing frighten you,
All things are passing away:
God never changes.

Obtains all things,
Whoever has God
Lacks nothing:
God alone suffices.

Santa Teresa de Jesús
(Santa Teresa de Ávila)

Luz María


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