Genesis 1:27 and the image of God


My wife and I were talking the other day (well, several months ago), and what God looks like came up. I think she thinks God is like the bearded man in the sky. I told her I think God has no such form, that I think of God as existence.

I mentioned Genesis 1:27 (And God created man to His own image, to the image of God He created them, male and female He created them), and suggested that here image is referring to not physical appearance, but rather that we humans are capable of thought and love and creating things like God (well… a poor shadowy imitation, but anyway).

I have two questions:

  1. How do you interpret Genesis 1:27?
  2. What do you think of the image of God?


As a start, because God is Pure Spirit, being in His image is our own spiritual soul.


God has the appearance of our human LORD.

The divine image is not per se our human bodies, although it requires them, but our spiritual mind (which needs our head to live in) and will (which needs the body to execute its commands).



I dont think we could comprehend what Gods true form is, even if we saw it, Its just something we cannot grasp, but Id imagine he appears to us as a normal person, just to make things easier on us.

Although Ive heard some people say the entire universe is just a part of God, everything together makes him (something along those lines), kinda like humans, animals, the planets, we are like little cells in Gods ‘body’…their opinion anyway, but who knows?


I enjoy seeing the literal meaning that both male and females have an initial round in form image from a cellular body, just as God, in the Eucharist, has a body round in form.

  1. What do you think of the image of God?

The image of God is amazing, beautiful, wonderful, Jesus Christ, the Holy Trinity, True Love,…

Thanks for sharing the interesting discussion!


In Genesis 3:8 Adam hid himself because he heard the voice of God walking in Paradise. To me this means God has in the past dealt with his creation by appearing in a human form, even though he is a spirit.:slight_smile:


It is man and woman together that was created in the image of God.


I wondered by what model did God create us from since God was the only one existed and it dawn to me that God has this perfect model to draw humanity from and it was His own model. If God was to create humanity why not create it after the only model He knew which was the Holy Trinity! The Holy Trinity is a family of three Divine Persons and since God is a family why not create us in the same manner to be involve within a family. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit has created the human family as a representation of the Trinity. Every family on earth is a mini-trinity. The most perfect human family that represents God is the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Joseph represents the Eternal Father, Mary is a reflection of the Holy Spirit while the Lord Jesus represents Himself, the Son of God. The Holy Family exemplifies the Trinity on earth. Every family on earth is another example of the Trinity with father, mother and child taking their roles from the original Family from Heaven.

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