Genesis 6. What are the Nephilim?

What are the Nephilim that are mentioned in Genesis 6? Are they angles? I’m very confused :confused:with this. Can anybody please explain this to me in a dumbed down easy to understand way? :thumbsup:

Thanks :thumbsup:

Many in Jewish and Catholic thought believe that they are the progeny of fallen angels and mortal women, though the quotes pertaining to them are somewhat vague and open to interpretation. All were believed to have perished with the Great Flood, though apparently some survived and were seen by the Israelites in the land of Canaan.

It is thought that these persons were the giants living amongst the Caananites as reported upon later in the Bible. They were apart from the human lineage as reported upon in Genesis.
All of this is scholarly conjecture, no one truely knows who they were.

Thanks that’s what I thought. See this is very confusing. How can angels fallen or not, mate with mortal women? Are not angels or demons spirits?

The above from XiWang717 is one explanation.

Another is that there were many stories of demi-gods in ancient mesopotamia and the author of Genesis included this as a way to subvert those stories and put YHWH above the nephilim.

Another is that the sons of gods were from the Sethites (descendants of Seth) and the daughters of men were from the Cainites (descendants of Cain) .

Regardless of what the original author had in mind… it definitely is one of the weirdest portions in all of scripture.

as the 2 other posts mentioned of who the giants were my NAB footnote also states that this story (part of an older legend) was inserted as to prepare for the flood story. Showing how wicked humanity has grown and become.

Take a look at what our Catholic Encyclopedia says about it, scroll down to “the evil angels” section.

According to Dr. Scott Hahn, the “Men of God” is reference to the line of Seth. This is also noted in the RSV-CE2. This idea makes sense, in light of the genealogy listed in Genesis. There is an underlying theme tracing the lines from Adam to Seth and Adam to Enoch.

Do you mean like Angles and Saxons?:confused:

The Angles were Nephilims? :smiley: Makes sense… :hmmm::hmmm:

Bigfoot. The Neanderthal remnant whose settlements in caves above human migration routes may explain their name of “watchers,” the translation of “nephilim.” Neanderthal did change physically, from the “classical” short, stout, heavily muscled Neanderthal to the taller, still powerful “gracile” Neanderthal, potentially suggestive of interbreeding. Pherhaps the interbreeds are gone with the Great Flood. Left are the stinkiest and shyest of the shy, today called Momo, Yeti, Sasquatch, Skunk Ape…

How do you know they are stinky?

There was no deodorant or shampoo yet in 15000 B.C. :thumbsup:


The Nephilim are **still **around today. You just do not realize it. Today they are called basketball players.:cool:


I think Nephilum is really Hebrew for anabolic steroids.

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