Genesis and death of animals?


i know i already asked this but i’ve come up against something else

genesis 1:30 it says that God gave all animals of the earth and air and those that creep green things for meat. and then later on he said the earth is cursed because of adam and eve’s sin

does that mean there is no way to reconcile this with say, extinction of dinosaurs? which would theoretically have taken place before humans entered the picture

i know st. Thomas aquinas wrote about this and he didn’t think the nature of animals was changed by sin but how else could the earth be cursed? and he did think animals could be carnivored before the fall but it clearly says that all animals were given green herbs for meat. i’m just confused. thanks


First, Adam and Eve had the gift of bodily immortality. We are not told that animals were immortal before the Fall. The Bible tells us that animals would eat plant material as their meat. Take a fruit tree. It is not totally consumed, just its fruit. The tree, itself, does not die. Adam and Eve had human characteristics that were changed after the Fall, and similar would not be seen until the second Adam, Jesus Christ, who, while being God, was also man and had bodily immortality. The Church has made no definitive statement about the age of the earth. It is clear that The Fall changed all of creation.

God had a hand in this. The earth was a utopia where the lion and the lamb could lay down together without fear. Dinosaurs did exist but how they fit in with the creation of an individual Adam and Eve is unclear.



I also question the dinosaurs, we know they existed, but they were so strange, if it were not known science fact, it would be something straight out of a conspiracy theory playbook!

I often wonder what the true purpose of the dinosaurs were, maybe we do not know all there is to know about them? Maybe God had a plan for them? (although I cant begin to speculate what that could have been).


There is a fossil river bed in Texas where they found a dinosaur foot print over the top of a human foot print. They took a cross section of the two prints and it showed that the dinosaur foot print was made over the human foot print while the fossil was still mud.

Like the other animals the dinosaurs may very well have been created for us and we really did live at the same time.

It is a good question because it strikes at the hierarchy of creation. Contrary to what PETA may say humans are at the top of the hierarchy and all animals including dinosaurs were created for us. How could they be made for us if they did not live with us.

At the top of the hierarchy is Jesus Fully Human and Fully God.


I consider it possible that dinosaurs were simply very, very old lizards. Lizards never stop growing, so if they were to live to a great age, they would become enormous. If there were no death in the world, the lizards would live to a great age, and become enormous.

Of course when death entered the world, these extremely elderly lizards would simply die of natural causes, or other causes, and we wouldn’t see them any more.


This brief article addresses those foot prints. As the article notes, the prints are so sketchy that even Answers in Genesis advises “that the Paluxy tracks not be cited as evidence against evolution.”

That article comes from The Talkorigins archives which addresses nearly every claim made by Creationists.


Oh yes, I truly believe dinosaurs and man lived together (at some point anyway), I do think dinosaurs were around first though, then man finally came around, I also believe there was dinosaurs in Eden. There is alot of other proof besides that double footprint you mentioned, I like the old cave paintings that clearly show dinosaurs, its funny to hear some people try to fool others claiming they are drawings of hippos, or elephants, etc. LOL

Dinosaurs and lizards are NOTHING alike, the dinos were pretty close to our birds today, this has been proven too, nothing remotely lizard about a dinosaur though.

Sometimes when Im outside I watch birds and how they act, I can truly imagine larger meat eating versions, (and of course cannot fly), birds move very quick on the ground, they are always hunting food, they move their head and eyes around quickly…I cant imagine how scary to see a 10 ton similar beast acting and moving like this!!!

I bet alot of humans lost their lives to dinosaur attacks.


I didn’t want to address any banned subjects out of respect for the moderators. But if we just keep the discussion to man having lived at the same time as dinosaurs I don’t see how they could have a problem with it. There is other evidence that dinosaurs were around with man letting us still believe that all the animals were created for us to have dominion over.


For an interesting read:

While I disagree with some of the things presented, it should at least make you stop and consider the possibility that there are other models for geo-development.

This applies to your question because it provides an alternate view of when dinosaurs lived.


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