Genesis Commentary Suggestions


I’m looking for a serious, scholarly commentary on Genesis. I’m a big fan of the Sacra Pagina commentaries, but they only cover the New Testament. I’d prefer something from Catholic scholars, but I’m flexible.

Any suggestions are appreciated.



Theology of the Body is a profound exposition of those parts of Genesis that it addresses. But it may not satisfy your inquiry into the whole of it.
If nothing else, it is instructive in the methods of Catholic scripture exegesis, using all the senses of scripture, and reading the scriptures through the eyes of a saint and world class Catholic philosopher.


Thanks, clem456.


For those who might read this, Sacra Pagina is academic, not pastoral. It can be dry outside of an academic setting.

The only thing that I can think of is the Talmud. :shrug:



The standard scholarly commentaries on Genesis are by Gunkel or Speiser (and Speiser’s not all that great). I honestly don’t think you’d be happy with those. You might look at the one from the Jewish Publication Society, but of course you’re going to get a Jewish perspective.

I can’t think of any serious scholarly commentaries on Genesis written by a Catholic.


TimothyH is correct, of course. Many would probably find the Sacra Pagina commentaries quite dry.

Thanks for the suggestions, Dave. I might pick up both Gunkel and Speiser if I find a good deal, but I worry Gunkel in particular may be a bit dated, even if it’s a classic and fantastic in its own right.

The Jewish Publication Society’s option looks quite promising, though.



I have had friends use the St Ignatius Study Guide but I have not.



If you like ‘Sacra Pagina’ commentaries, you are looking for something academic. I have not read this one but I have seen them at my local Catholic bookstore and they look interesting:

I also have the Navarre Bible commentaries, they are more theological than the Sacra Pagina series, but they are very good. :thumbsup:


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