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So something just occurred to me today that struck me as odd. Adam and Eve are hanging out with God in the Garden…God is really there in the flesh (not sure if they can see his face, but that’s not important here) and they’re talking to him, He’s talking back. Things are cool.

Now I remember reading how being in His presence in Heaven will be…basically Euphoria and Awesomeness.

So it makes me wonder - If God is there with Adam and Eve in the flesh…or at least they can hear His voice and directly interact with Him, then how could they be convinced to rebel against Him? Just sitting there talking to Him must be better than anything we can imagine, right?

It’s like riding a roller coaster that never gets boring and being told that you can’t get off and ride the merry-go-round; you’d be like, ‘are you kidding? I never want to get off this ride’ Not even necessarily out of obedience, but because the roller coaster held you interest so easily.

Anyone ever think of this? Have an idea?

Just wondering :slight_smile:


Moses beheld God, and yet sinned… :wink:

(I think that it’s the “in the flesh” part that’s causing the problem here… all we know is that Adam and Eve heard God in the garden; do we know that they saw Him? :wink: )


Read yesterday’s first reading: sirach 15: 15-29 (and the verse before verse 14)!


They did not see this:


That is Cool alright.

It get’s crazier.

Review these:

Genesis 18
Genesis 32:29

Many people argue that the man described is an angel, however, if you read the contest you will see that that is not correct.


This post also made me think about the reality of Heaven. We are used to talking to God and having his attentive personal presence when we pray.

In Heaven I wonder, would it be similar except we would also have his attentive and clearly understood personal responses?

As in the Genesis story mentioned. That would be amazing.


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