Genesis reliable for faith?

No one knows the specific material origin of Adam and Eve. The Church does not claim to know this or define it. I was not addressing the specific material origin of Adam and Eve.
I was merely observing that human beings have biological progenitors, and science fleshes this out (pun intended) pretty well.
I didn’t even call those progenitors “human”, to avoid confusion with the definition of a human being, which is a unity of body and soul.

I am not concerned here with the missing link or the conflating of science and theology. If there is such a thing as a specific progenitor of Adam, it will never be definitively found. But science has done a lot of good work on the biological lineage that produced human beings.
So that is good. Truth does not contradict truth. Faith and reason should be integrated.
It is awesome how Genesis describes us as coming from the dust of the earth. We are part of God’s creation, not separate from it. We are unique, yet part of the whole. Not just a bundle of atoms, but still consisting of that “dust”. Not on a par with God, but created by God.
Genesis, without scientific knowledge, intuits what science later helps reveal about God’s creation.

So you say… Yet the Church neither teaches that in its Magisterium nor has ‘science’ clearly shown that to be so… If you think otherwise? “Chapter and Verse” (euphemism) on both accounts.

All humans have parents. The science is clear.


And the first parents of Humankind are Adam and Eve…

Shall there be anything else?

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Your self-assured glibness betrays the weakness of your arguments.

Ad Hominems such as that - are the epitome of having no argument whatsoever to speak of…

Anything Else ?

You dispute that human beings have a mother and a father?
I have no idea what issue you are trying to focus on and I have no idea why my comments cause you defensiveness.
I am not claiming authority for anything. I am merely observing what science reveals, and what the Church teaches.

Of course not.

Adam and Eve ARE the First Parents of Humankind.


Please quote a post where I denied that Adam and Eve are the first true human beings.

It’s not about you denying anything…

I’ve simply posted what is Known Re: Adam and Eve…

God Created Them…

Then From them - the rest of Mankind came to be

We know this from Sacred Scriptures…

It’s reinforced in Apostolic Tradition and Magisterium

To the OP? Genesis is a very important - indispensible book - re: Faith and Salvation.



Ok then…?
Why are you disputing what I am saying repeatedly?

Provide specifics.
And, I’ll do my best to direct an answer…

The Bible itself makes this very claim!

Adam is “from the dust”. Are you claiming that the dust of Eden was human? :rofl:

Seriously, though: the Bible doesn’t address the question at all, so at best you could say “no one has shown that the Bible attempts to answer this question one way or another.”

So now… non-humans is congruent with dust?

Unless you want to assert that dust is human, it sure is! :rofl:

In any case, the question is really “does the Bible tell us that both animals and humans were made from pre-existing matter?”. The answer is an unambiguous “yes!”

We can add a second question: “does the Bible tell us that Adam was made from an ensouled human?”. That answer is “no”.

Here’s where the fun starts: the Bible doesn’t describe the middle ground between “pre-existing matter” and “actual true ensouled human”. So… this is what we’re attempting to discern.

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And that discernment is the path to faith formation. God doesn’t provide human certitude on these matters through the scriptures. God gives us the truth necessary for our salvation. And we come to salvation by faith. And faith is a process. It is a virtue. It asks for our response. And easy black and white answers to these mysteries is not conducive to faith formation.

The search itself is conducive to our salvation, not just having the answers.


We’re almost up to 80 posts in this thread, and this question is constantly debated in long threads over and again. Who said this was an “easy black and white answer”?!? :rofl:

Unless you don’t want to allow that God can create from Nothing or Dust,
you may giggle away … b/c God gave you the Free Will to do so…

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