Genesis Turn It On Again Tour

Genesis a la Phil Collins is back on tour this summer and fall. Anybody planning on catching them at any of the listed shows?

In expectation of the tour, Genesis has already begun re-releasing remastered versions of their albums from 1976 onwards. What do you think of it?

As far as I’m concerned, Genesis ended when Peter Gabriel left - they turned into the Phil Collins pop hits backup group.

I saw then 4 times with Peter Gabriel, when Phil kept quiet and played drums.

My buddy is a pretty die-hard fan and he traveled to Europe and saw them twice there. He and I have tickets here in the States in October I believe.

I’m pretty excited to go see them.

I was pretty angry when they cancelled the last U.S. tour (Calling All Stations). That was slap in the face to fans I think.

Sweeney - have you heard of the cover-band called The Musical Box? I’ve seen them 2 time and REALLY enjoyed them. I’m a bit younger so I never got to see Genesis with Gabriel, but from what I understand, The Musical Box has done a phenomenal job of re-creating the early stuff.

I say it ended after Steve Hackett’s departure following Wind and Wuthering. That and A Trick Of The Tail are both excellent albums, as was the live Seconds Out. When I learned that neither Hackett nor Gabriel would be part of the reunion, I lost interest.

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