Genetic Manipulation


My son likes to ask me tough questions. When I answer to the best of my ability, he likes to ratchet it up to make it even harder.
The other day he pointed out discussed genetic experiments in the UK where human DNA would be combined with animal DNA. (The Holy Father specifically came out and said such experiments would be wrong) My son asked whether the result of such an experiment (assuming 98% human DNA and 2% animal DNA, and the person would look human) should be “destroyed.” I said no. He asked whether such a “person” would have a soul. I said I had no way of knowing, but such a person should be treated with as if it did. He asked whether it should receive all the rights that humans receive. I said it should.

He then flipped it around and asked whether my opinion would be different if the “person” had 2% human DNA and 98% animal DNA. I said that once again, since we don’t know whether the “person” has a soul, we should treat it with respect. He then asked whether the “person” should be baptized, etc. I thought for a moment and then told him that it is fortunate that it won’t be me who has to make these decisions.

However, sooner or later, these seemingly sci-fi situations will likely become reality. What do you think?


Explain to Him we share 60% of our DNA with a banana. So, much of animal DNA would similar to human DNA, anyway.

This doesn’t help at all -morally, I think. But I wanted to throw the banana fact in there. :slight_smile:


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