Genetically modified fish?


Is it immoral to purchase genetically modified fish? Specifically GloFish. These were created to detect contaminated water, I believe in Singapore. The fish egg of a zebra fish were injected with a gene from either coral or an octopus, which then makes the fish glow a certain color. The fish for sale now do not need to have the gene injected as they are now born with the gene from the parent fish. So basically, the original fish were tampered with but the fish now might be considered natural born.

Is there a church document somewhere that I can reference regarding the general topic of genetically modified animals?

Thank you!


GM organisms are not forbidden, provided no human life or genes are involved in the modification.

Tampering with nature is not a fortiori sinful. Our ancestors have done that since they learned to light fire!



Genetic modifications is permitted. Off the top of my head, Evangelium Vitae has a paragraph or so on animal experimentation. Specifically, can’t think or any other specific references right now…


Please don’t tell me it tastes like chicken:D

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