Genitas Humanitae

Hello, I’m not sure this is posted in the right place, but I’m not sure where else I could post it. I’m wondering if anyone had any information about the would-be encyclical Genitas Humanitae, which, purportedly, was about to be promulgated by Pope Pius IX in regards to the racial policies of the German National Socialists, but was never signed, as he died soon after its writing (it may have been incomplete). I’m wondering what this encyclical contained, as I find the whole ordeal between the Catholic Church, the Nazi-manufactured Protestant Reich Church, and the Nazis themselves extremely interesting.

Thanks for any help.

Here’s an exerpt of it.

If that Subject is facinating to you you might want to look into the writings of Dietrich von Hildebrand and his wife Alice von Hildebrand not only regarding Catholicism but regarding National Socialism which nearly cost Dietrich his life… He was sentenced to death in absencia for his Anti Nazi Writings and was personally aquainted with Pius the XI - Pius the XII and JPII and Benedict all of whom speak highly of him. He has been called a 20th Century Doctor of the Church by some.


I’ve heard about Deitrich von Hildebrand, and have only heard good things. Is it possible he could be considered for sainthood, or even a Doctor of the Church?

Thanks, Genesis, this is VERY interesting…

Because it was never promulgated, I assume it does not carry the weight of a magisterial document?

Correct. I have the feeling that it was not promulgated because those committing such evils would not have “ears to hear” anyway and it would probably result in increased retaliation against Jews and Catholics, as happened in various countries when their local bishops condemned the same things. The thought was more good would come from actions without many words in this case–at least that is my speculation.

So it was actively scrapped, and not just forgotten after blessed Pope Pius XII died?

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